Exploring the Properties of Money Plants


Green plants are the best way to add instant beauty to your home. Refreshing Money Plant Golden Pothos, Devil’s Ivy Also known as Devil’s Vine. It is a popular houseplant that purifies the air and creates a soothing environment. You can grow money plants in a bottle or in a container with soil. The plant’s name comes from the heart-shaped green money plant leaves that resemble coins. The money plant is considered a lucky plant for the home as it contributes to the financial growth of the home. Money plants provide countless physical and mental health benefits. We have listed some of the benefits of money plants here:


Purifies Air

Money plants add value to a healthy lifestyle by removing air pollutants like benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene from indoor air. It is believed that due to money plants, there is more oxygen in the indoor air which makes breathing easier. 

Stress is reduced Anxiety

Keeping a money plant in the house provides energy. People’s mental stress is reduced. It helps avoid arguments, reduces anxiety and sleep disorders. 

Acts as an anti-radiator

Money plants act as an anti-radiator in our homes and office places. It reduces the levels of radiation emitted by electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones and laptops. 

Provides health benefits

Planting a money plant near the WiFi router can help in preventing children from getting sick in the house. Heartache in elderly members of the family.

Brings Prosperity Good Luck

The five leaves on each branch of the Money Plant symbolise the five elements of Feng Shui, namely Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood. These elements have the power to bring prosperity in life. 

You can clean the aquarium water

Instead of keeping the money plant in a container, you can grow it in the aquarium by placing its roots and leaves on top of the aquarium. Money plants remove nitrates from aquarium water which helps fish live longer. It prevents the growth of algae in water and balances the pH level of water.

Increases humidity in the air

Money plants are great for homes in dry areas. It increases moisture in the air through evapotranspiration, a process by which plants move water into the atmosphere. The moisture present in the air helps in providing relief from chapped lips, dry skin, dry throat, nose bleeding and prevents allergies. 

Keeps away negativity 

Money plant absorbs any negativity from the house. They help reduce anxiety and stress and allow us to sleep peacefully. Money plant brings positive energy and good luck to the house. 

Promotes good health

Money plant also has health benefits. Since they remove toxins and air pollutants from the surroundings, they are beneficial for people suffering from asthma. 

Brings wealth to the house

People believe that money plant attracts wealth and prosperity in the house. However, proper location of the money plant is important. According to Vastu, they should always be kept in the south-east direction.

Placing a money plant in the north-east direction in the living room can have a negative impact on the house, leading to loss of money.

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