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We are a writing and publication company equipped with qualified and experienced writers and experts, providing services of academic requirements. We have qualified and experienced writers, who are exp in writing medical and related papers, including research papers, reviews, meta-analaysis, medical/bio science books, etc.

Services we provide

  • Writing Services
    • Normal Writing Service: charges are affordable and suitable for anyone from students to professionals; no journal submission is included in this package
    • High-End Writing for Elsevier/SCIE standard: this is for those who wants to go by-the-rule, means, who wants to submit their paper directly to journal (online submission). So, the standard of the paper will be extra-ordinary. Even instead of writing the full paper, if you have already written but needs to upgrade your paper, so that, scopus/scie journal accepts it, then also, you can avail this service.
    • Manuscript Upgradation Service: Upgrade the standard of manuscript to Scopus/SCIE/Elsevier standard journals
  • Publication Services
    • Direct Publication: we have collaboration with some journals. You can message us for the availability of the journals. It will be Fast Publication.
    • Online Genuine Submission: with minimal fee (for searching, formatting, submitting, making necessary changes in the manuscript), we will find out good journals for you according to your paper and need. Then we will submit it online according to the author’s guidance (with required formatting). Upon receiving feedbacks from the journal, we will make changes in the manuscript and resubmit. You will pay Article Processing Charge (APC) to the journal directly.
      • What We Will Do For You:
        • We will provide you journals to choose from
        • We will submit the manuscript to the journal by submitting it online
        • We will do formatting and other changes for publication whatever feedback will come from journal
        • You do not have to waste time and effort
        • You can avoid fake journals and fake publication service, charging high amounts than Journal APC
        • We will also provide manuscript upgradation service for Scopus/SCIE standard
        • We will provide you total consultation and help for your paper publication
  • Extra Services
    • Proof-reading + Grammar Checking
    • Plagiarism Report
    • Topic Suggestions: Free
    • Statistics and Calculation
    • Surveying for your study

Why Will You Choose Us?

  • A team of qualified and experienced experts only in writing health related papers
  • We can help you to choose your Research Paper/Thesis Topic/Title
  • Our written manuscripts have been accepted in SCI indexed journals along with other reputed journals
  • We will help you to Publish your paper in desired journals or journal of your choice
  • We will give you ultimate service of your academic paper from topic selection to writing to publishing
  • Years of experience in delivering the perfect writing to students and researchers of health sciences
  • Required Statistics calculation will be applied
  • High Quality Information Research
  • Tables and Figures at appropriate places with proper labelling
  • AI powered grammar checking and correction
  • Experienced in handling lots of papers at PhD/Master of Science/MD level
  • Experienced in solving assignments from UK and Australian Universities
  • SEO-optimized blog writing
  • 100% Unique Content and Plagiarism Free Content
  • Quality check by professionals to ensure the best quality delivered
  • We work until your demand is met
  • Different types of referencing like Harvard, APA, MLA, etc.
  • Most affordable prices in the whole world
Publish your research paper with us || High end journals are available at decent prices

What Can We Write?

  • School and College Assignments of health sciences
  • Research Papers
  • Health Blogs
  • Medical Transcriptions
  • Medical article re-writing
  • Ph.D/MD/MS/M.Sc Thesis
  • Regulatory Document Writing
  • Case Studies / Reports
  • Homeworks and Essay from college


On Which Subjects Can We Write?

  • Medical Sciences and all its branches
  • Traditional Medicines
  • Nursing Science
  • Nutrition
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Bachelor and Masters of Biological sciences
  • Pharmacy
  • Public Health
  • Environmental Science
  • Forensics
  • Genetic and Microbiology
  • Health Management
  • Any Health Science Related Paper

 Our Pricing – Most Affordable on the planet


Pricing of Writing

  1. Research Paper/Review Paper

Rate: ₹1/word

So, for a standard paper, a paper for 5000 words and statistical analysis would cost you:
Writing + Statistical analysis: ₹5000+₹500 = ₹5500 (around)

** For Meta-analysis, statistical analysis would cost ₹1000.

  1. Thesis/Book
    Writing part: ₹1/word
    Calculation, Stat and Figure creation: 8000 INR (fixed)

Number of pages: as required

  1. PPT preparation
    ₹80-100 per slide excluding first and last one


Needs to be done after we will deliver you the paper, we will also send the invoice along with the paper.

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