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Dr. Dipan Samanta, CEO and Founder of Medblog18.com

This website is brain child of Dr. Dipan Samanta, MBBS. He did his MBBS from China and passed FMGE (Indian License Exam) successfully and now he is a registered physician in India. He also serves as an online medical consultant. Together with his writing skill and academic records in undergraduation, he is quite an accomplished writer of medical research/thesis papers, professionally. He loves to blog about health related topics. With an aim to serve the larger society, Dr. Dipan has launched his Online Healthcare portal back in January, 2019. Today, Dr. Dipan and his team have managed to introduce many new online health services in this website for the greater good of the society. We continuously add value to the website and in turn, Medblog18.com adds value to the global healthcare.

Dr. Soumee Das Samanta, Manager and Head of FMGE Division, Medblog18.com

Dr. Soumee has completed MBBS degree from China and also passed FMGE exam. She also accompanied the founding process of Medblog18.com and intervened at each step of the building process of Medblog18. She contributes in making day to day strategies of Medblog18. With her helping hand and ideas, Medblog18.com has successfully running FMGE section. Together with the team, she coordinates the daily functioning and contributes in the contents of FMGE section. With her vision and dedication, she helps to grow Medblog18.com in order to make healthcare and medical education globally approachable.

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