The Benefits of Ardha Salabhasana for Your Body and Mind


Shalav = Shala (to go) is now official. Shalab means grasshopper. This posture of grasshopper tail legs is called Shalvasana (Shalva Asana). This includes optional seats. Haha – Ardha-Salabhasana 9-Karsana, Viparita-Salabhasana, Purna-Salvasana, and Salamba-Savasana. In this conclusion, shalbasan can be called normal shalbasan.


Many people these days suffer from some back and waist problems. Practising this asana daily strengthens the back muscles and lower back muscles and these muscles help protect the back. That is, this asana is very useful in curing various problems of waist and lower body. As a result, women never suffer from lower abdominal pain, sciatica or menstrual cramps. 

Diseases like indigestion, constipation and acidity or ACID can easily enter our body one after the other, resulting in various problems in our body. During Savasana, heavy pressure on the lower abdomen provides good exercise to the organs in that area, which increases their performance.

This particular asana enhances the performance of both the muscles of our body as it contracts the extensor muscles of the body and helps in proper blood flow and complete relaxation of the contracted muscles. 

By practising asana, all the muscles and nerves of the body from the waist down remain fresh and active. 

Asana makes the body beautiful by reducing unnecessary fat in our lower abdomen and waist. 

Daily practice of this asana nourishes and strengthens the nerve plexuses adjacent to the lungs i.e. the air cells of the lungs, thereby increasing their efficiency. 

Regular practice of this asana provides relief from diseases like arthritis and spondylosis. 

By practising Padasana, Shashankasana or any asana involving forward bending of the spine with this particular asana, slip disc, sacralization lumbago etc. can be avoided.

Surgery is a great way to activate the hamstring muscles. This asana also helps in improving the flexibility of the spine. 

Regular practice of Savasana is known to reduce slipped disc and back pain.

Salvasan can help cure urinary tract diseases like incontinence and weak bladder.

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