The Relaxing Benefits of Gomukhasana


Gomukhasana is made up of three words, Go-Mukh-Asana where “Go” means cow, “Mukh” means mouth and “Asana” means posture. The bent legs form the shape of a cow’s face while the elbows look like the cow’s ears. Therefore, it is commonly known as a cow-face pose.


Makes the body flexible

Flexibility is the key to doing Gomukhasana. In fact, flexibility is one of the best health benefits of Gomukhasana. During the asana, almost all the joints of the body from shoulder to knee get activated, these joints of the body get completely aligned in a well-defined manner. Asana gets rid of unwanted fat deposits in the body and makes the body fit and flat, which is an important aspect of being flexible. 

Strengthens the thigh muscles and hip joints

Gomukhasana promises practitioners strong legs. This exercise is good for stretching the muscles of the thighs when you cross both the legs towards each other. A slight stretch is felt in this area, which provides good exercise to the leg fibers. During the procedure, a tight bond is formed between the femur and a variety of your muscles such as the hamstrings, gracilis muscle, biceps femoris, etc., which together with the hip joint move the leg into an acute compound joint health.

Provides relief from stress and anxiety

Yoga has always been practised for its two benefits: physical and mental. The rhythmic breathing technique adopted in most yoga practices provides many psychological benefits. It is part of relieving stress and anxiety. 

Stimulates the Kidneys

This rational pose has shown positive effects on kidney simulation which improves kidney function and has proven helpful for diabetic patients. Good mobility means good flexibility. 

Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica occurs when the herniated material of a ruptured spinal disc presses on the delicate nerve root that originates in the spinal cord, causing pain in the lower back. Practising Gomukhasana regularly can help relieve sciatica pain.

Helps in elongating the spine

This can help lengthen the spine as the entire body stretches to allow better oxygen flow from the base of the spine to the head. The stretching of Gomukhasana brings down the entire abdominal area, thereby massaging the kidneys, liver and pancreas.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

A study without medication found that other asanas, including Gomukhasana, were beneficial if practised for 20 minutes daily. It can also help improve blood sugar, blood lipids and lipid enzymes.

Provides relief from stress

Gomukhasana can help bring relaxation. Exercising more than 10 minutes a day can help reduce fatigue, stress and anxiety. It can also help calm and centre the body.

Improve posture. 

Gomukhasana, or the cow face pose, can prevent slouching, especially for those who face a computer most of the week. It can reduce general stiffness in the arms and shoulders and also helps with proper posture by opening up the chest area. , advertisement.

Relieves pain

It can help relieve back pain as it stretches the back muscles and relieves fatigue. It can help reduce leg cramps as this pose helps stretch the hamstrings and gluteal muscles to relax the legs. It can increase body flexibility as it stretches the shoulders, upper arms, chest, hips and thighs.

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