Yoga For Strong Shoulders


The feeling of tightness, heaviness, pain in the shoulders, discomfort in the shoulder and related issues, often lead to the issues with the posture, caused in turn by a sedentary lifestyle. Yes, hours of sitting in front of a computer monitor or driving a car, dragging weights from the supermarket, and working for long hours make us feel discomfort. Psychosomatic pain in the shoulders is associated with constant stress and fatigue experienced by the people of large cities and most of the people carry on with the same for years and even decades, hence unable to free ourselves from contrived clamps.

It is regrettable, but the stiffness, lack of mobility of the shoulder joints entails other unpleasant processes. If you find issues with your shoulder, yoga will help to cope with all these difficulties and all you need to go with various inverted and half-inverted asanas (bridges, balances on the head, forearms, and hands) as without a strong and mobile shoulder life will be very difficult. Below is a set of exercises to strengthen the shoulders and it should be done at least every other day. The suggested exercises are perfect and must be done in the morning, but don’t forget warm-up before a complex workout. Yoga teacher training in India is a great way to learn and practice yoga under the guidance of certified yoga teachers.

Shoulder movement up and down

You need to be standing straight, feet on width of shoulders, hands freely at your sides. When you inhale sharply raise your shoulders up without bending your elbows, reach the shoulders to the ears. As you exhale, return the shoulders to their original position. The number of repetitions: 10 times.

Circular rotation of the shoulders

The starting position will remain the same as in the above exercise. But, in the same, you need to rotate your shoulders first forward and then backward direction. The number of repetitions: 8 times in each direction.

Circular rotation of the shoulders with arms spread apart

Stand straight, your feet should be the width apart, straight arms extended parallel to the floor, hands clenched into fists. Rotate your shoulders first forward and then back. Keep your arms straight and parallel to the floor. The number of repetitions: 8 times in each direction.

The movement of the shoulders left and right

The initial position is the same as in the previous exercise with the only difference that the palms are unclenched. Stretch your right shoulder to the right, there is a little tilt the body. Do the same in the other direction. Keep your arms straight and parallel to the floor. The number of repetitions-8 times in each direction.

Vertical stretching

Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart and lift your right straight arm over your head, pull it up and at the same time the left hand – down. Change the position of the arms and repeat the stretch. The number of repetitions must be 3 times with each hand.

The pose of the Cow standing

Stand straight and your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Lift up your right hand, bend at the elbow and take your palm behind the back, left-hand bend at the elbow and now take your palm behind back through the bottom. Clasp the fingers of both hands behind your back. Lock the position for 10 breathing cycles. Then change the position of the hands and fix the position again.

Uttanasana with hands behind the back

Stand straight; the right hand should be behind the back, fingers twisted in the lock. Lean forward as you exhale. Palms, shoulders and shoulder blades pull up, chest stretch to the knees. Next, turn your shoulders forward, down, palms stretch to the floor and lock position for 5 breathing cycles.

Perform the above-proposed exercises and asanas regularly, and find the load from your shoulders will fall down and you will be able to freely spread your wings and fly towards your success, happy and healthy life.

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