Various objectives of health education


Health education is called an integrated process. Although health education purpose has many objectives, they can be reduced to three main objectives. 

Proliferation of Health Information:

Every day new health information comes before us. But that information has no value unless it can be communicated to people. 

Ex: People are constantly suffering from some disease eg: Diarrhea. Now people need to know the importance of hand washing. If people are not informed about this, they will continue to suffer from diarrhea. Then, thinking about the nutritional value of a food can make people interested in that food. So the main purpose of any kind of health education is to convey that information to the people.

Getting people interested

If we present something to everyone and tell them it’s good, but don’t explain why it’s good and why they should follow it, people will never be interested. Eg: Let’s say we go to a village for girls. I would be interested in sanitary pads. Since people are shy to talk about it, people may not show interest. Then we have to explain to them what are its benefits and what are its health risks. If this is done, people’s interest will gradually increase. 

Putting health-related knowledge into practice: 

The work is not over if we give information to a person and create interest in him. Arrangements must be made for them. Hospitals are needed for diseases, drug stores for drugs, drug addiction treatment centers etc. If this system is possible, people will gradually start working accordingly. In the beginning maybe someone will do it, later maybe twice but at the end of the day awareness will be created one by one, more and more people will join.

Development of personality

The objective of physical education is the holistic development of an individual through balanced development in physical, social and other aspects. On the other hand, Book Walter said that the purpose of physical education is to achieve the harmonious development of physical, mental and social aspects.

Mental Development

Development of current thinking. Knowledge of ethics. To be inspired by service and sacrifice. To develop friendly and competitive spirit among different groups.

Acquiring character qualities

developing honesty and morality. Inculcating respect for law through sports. Develop a playful and friendly attitude. Developing respectful attitude towards competitors. Helps in self-control and emotional control.

Last but not least, we need to be aware. Be it male or female, we should follow hygiene rules and develop interest in health education goals and objectives.

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