Different goals of health education


Everything has a purpose. It is not possible to get desired benefits from anything without specific goals. Similarly, health education also has a goal. 

Achieving Good Health

The objective of health education purpose is achieve good health at social and personal level, lead a healthy life, develop good habits etc. 

Giving up bad habits

Many people have many types of bad habits. Some may bite their nails, some may smoke cigarettes, some may have a habit of eating Jordans, or some may have unprotected sex. Regardless of the degree of each bad habit, they are all obstacles to living a healthy life. Knowing about and avoiding these bad habits is one of the objectives of health education.

Improves quality of life

There are many of us who do not use hygienic toilets. They may be aware of its existence but not interested in using it. Proper health education can help us overcome this apathy. Many may eat too much oily food. Creating proper awareness can contribute to staying away from such foods. Above all, it aims to improve the quality of life. 

Practical Application

We learn many things which are beyond practical need in our life. But health education is not like that. We can apply it in our daily life if we want. For example: heat kills germs, we boil water and eat food, the knowledge that a rusty iron can sting can make us want to take vaccines. Small things, but at the end of the day they can save our lives.

Prescribing medicines or providing information at health centers

Aim of health education to impart medical knowledge or provide medical services to children and adolescents. No, and the method of interpretation is the public record of medical knowledge. The opportunity to get this job can be arranged by the candidates who have completed their health professional training. Knowledge about good health and cleanliness helps to remove ignorance, superstition, misconceptions and misconceptions.

Providing treatment or motivating people or developing desirable health practices

Providing medical facilities is not the only objective. When they ask questions and apply this knowledge to their daily lives, it relates to health, education, exercise and lifestyle development. When this wholesome dayana bhava gagan kaddar is observed, this daana bhava or knowledge is always given to pasara, bhagwati, aijaz and baddal.

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