Health and Physical Education


Health education refers to the knowledge by which we can keep ourselves away from various diseases or ailments. Through this education we can find ways to improve our health, what kind of food is good for us, what habits are beneficial. Basically, health education purpose is the knowledge needed to stay healthy. 

Importance of health education

There must be some reasons behind giving so much importance to health education. After a little thought, we can tell you some requirements. Again we need a better idea to understand some requirements. 

Getting healthy

We are exposed to different types of pathogens every day. Faced with various health risks. But through health education we know when and how to be careful. 

Boosting Immunity

Our daily good habits like waking up early, eating nutritious food etc. affect our physical condition. This effect helps our body fight disease. Increases our immune system. 

To maintain good mental health

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. It would be a mistake not to see this saying as a proverb. Our mental state is also closely related to our physical state. So through health education we can know how to have good mental health. 

Increase focus

A thing can be seen inside our present parents. They are very indifferent to their children’s physical work and field games. If they had focused on health education, they would have known that children who did manual labor or played sports could hold their attention longer. It boosts their immune system and helps in bone formation. 

Physical and Mental Development

In this age of globalization when we are getting everything at home, the trend of physical exertion is decreasing, which causes us various physical and mental problems. Our future generations are more affected by this dire situation. By being educated in health education, we will be aware of what to do for physical and mental development and can also make others aware.

Attainment of Longevity

Man is mortal but man wants to attain longevity. Humans are always in search of immortality. Although it may not be possible to achieve but through health education we can actually increase our life expectancy. By warding off disease and increasing quality of life, people can stay healthy longer. 

Regarding increasing health awareness

There are many of us who know very little about the health risks. But still don’t panic. For example, almost all smokers know that it is harmful, but they are not careful. Many people know they need to lose weight, but they don’t want to focus on it. It’s a lack of caution. Health education can gradually create awareness among these people. At some point they will become aware of their problem and come forward to solve the problem.

Achieving Economic Prosperity

Medicines are expensive in modern times. The cost of modern treatments and medicines is constantly increasing. There is only one way to avoid this cost. And that is to stay healthy. The second thing is that we do all kinds of crap every day. Cigarettes, alcohol, fast food etc. are subject to cost. Proper hygiene can keep us away from these costs. If the cost comes down, we will gradually move towards economic prosperity.

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