Routine to keep the body healthy


Conscious people are always alert. They take various measures to keep the body healthy. They do everything from eating a healthy diet to exercising regularly. However, due to not eating right and exercising, the desired results are not being obtained even after a lot of effort. We have this system with various tips to keep body and mind healthy. 

Daily routine

Exercise when you wake up

Exercise when you wake up. As your pet. After waking up, do a cycle while lying in bed. This exercise will move the body and improve digestion. Besides, it will also play an effective role in reducing back pain. 

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast even if you forget it. A proper breakfast plays an effective role in reducing body weight and maintaining daily life routine for good health. Skipping or omitting breakfast can lead to weight gain. A balanced breakfast is fresh fruit or fruit juice, fiber-rich cereal, low-fat milk or yogurt, wholemeal toast, and a boiled egg.

Brush properly

Many people brush their teeth best daily routine but do not brush properly. As a result, they get little benefit from brushing their teeth. Brushing properly keeps your teeth healthy and strong. Not cleaning the teeth properly can cause damage to the teeth and brain. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes each time. 


Neurobics is very important for the mind and brain. American researchers use the term neurobics to refer to brain exercise. Neurobics activates the brain’s own biochemical pathways and strengthens or preserves circuits in the brain. 

Give and receive gifts

Giving gifts is one of those activities that keeps the mind fresh. But if you only give and never take, it cannot be. Give gifts to others and receive gifts from others. It will give you peace of mind. But to receive gifts, more gifts must be given.

Pray or Meditate

A study conducted by a group of Harvard University scientists found that people who prayed recovered faster than those who did not. He suggested prayer or meditation for the well-being of the body. 

Eat garlic

Garlic, onions and onion flowers are good for the body. A study by a child health institute in Cape Town found that regular consumption of small amounts of raw garlic can protect children from various diseases. It dissipates excess body heat. So eat raw garlic. 

Consume green tea and olive oil

Regular consumption of green tea or olive oil is beneficial for health. They prevent breast cancer among other benefits. Its antioxidants help wash away or protect against such pollution.

Eat calcium-rich foods

To keep the healthy food for daily routine, the bones of the body must also be taken care of. So take calcium along with regular exercise to strengthen bones and prevent decay. Consume milk and dairy products regularly. It will strengthen your bones. After the age of 30, bone density in the body decreases. It is important to drink at least 200 mg of milk per day. 

Eat juicy fruits

Blue berries, strawberries or such juicy fruits are very useful for the body. As a result, vitamin C is high along with other vitamins. The fiber present in strawberries helps people stay away from sugary foods. Not only that, people get confused when they eat strawberries.

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