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Anxious about your pregnancy? All Answers to your anxiety

Those pregnancy under 10 weeks can be considered as Early Stage of Pregnancy.

There is no fixed rule that what exactly will happen to you in early pregnancy. It differs from one to another person and first to next pregnancy. Sometimes, the symptoms of early pregnancy may mimics the symptoms of menstruation. Even pregnancy test kit (Home based Pregnancy Test Kit) may give you some clue. But in all cases, the pregnancy kit does give you true results. Sometimes, it comes as positive, may be you are not pregnant. In those cases when you know you can be pregnant, even if the pregnancy kit shows you positive.

In this Blog, all your questions about your new pregnancy is answered.

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early signs
early sign
high blood pressure
first trimester
  1. Spotting: Spotting or slight bleeding may be present within 1 week of your last ovulation. This is due to the fact the fertilized egg get implanted in the uterine wall leading to slight bleeding. This bleeding may last for 3 days to few more days and does not require treatments.
  2. Cramping: During this period, there may be little pain. It may be mild to moderate but mostly it is mild. The nature of cramping somewhat resembles the pain during menstruation.
  3. Morning Sickness: This occurs to many women. It includes nausea and vomiting. Although it is named as Morning Sickness, it can occur throughout the day. However, in most mothers, it occurs only during the early pregnancy, but in some women, it can stay throughout the pregnancy. There may be certain triggering factors like odors, foods, etc.
  4. Fatigue: This occurs due to hormonal changes that start to occur during this time. Fatigue can start any time during pregnancy and is very commonly seen. This occurs due to the fact the hormone named as Progesterone slowly increases. This hormone is increased to make the uterus ready to hold and maintain the baby right up to the birth. Due to this hormone, there can be fatigue. Even you can wake up tired from a good sleep at night .
  5. Increased Urination: During the early pregnancy stage, more blood is pumped to kidney. The blood volume increases during pregnancy. This does not mean Red Blood Cell increases. Due to increased blood volume, you experiences increased frequency of urination. Slowly, the frequency of urination decreases over time and again, in the last stage or third trimester, the frequency of urination increases. During the last stage, the frequency of urination increases due to the inflated uterus which adds pressure to the bladder. This causes the bladder to decrease the capacity it can holds leading to more frequency of urination.
1-4mild cramp, spotting
4missed period
4-6tingling, aching breast, frequent urination, bloating, motion sickness,
5-6motion sickness, mood swings, temperature changes
8high blood pressure
9extreme fatigue and heartburn(acidity)
11breast and nipple changes, acne, weight gain
12pregnancy glow


There are many symptoms which occur in this time period. You may feel distressed sometimes. Another important factor is your patience and capacity to bear uncomfortable situation. The time period that I prescribe above may get mingled up also in some cases. You may feel highly disturbed to experience so many problems at once. But your patience and motherly nature should console you.

early signs
early sign
high blood pressure
  1. Spotting should go away with in few days. Do not relate this spotting with that of menstrual bleeding. This is completely different. This spotting occurs due to the implantation of the blastocyst (fertilised ovum) into the uterine wall. Generally, nothing is done here as solution other than maintaining a little bit hygiene.
  2. Cramping may be present but it should be unbearable. If it disturbs you more, apply some heat pad to your lower back. You can also add some diclofenac gel. Tell someone to give you massage. If nothing works well, you can take paracetamol within a recommended dose. Read 10 Foods That Makes Menstrual Pain Worse.
  3. You become fatigue, that is quite reasonable. As I described above, this fatigue is due to the mother hormone, progesterone. Firstly, it is crucial hormone which will biologically make you a mother. So, there is no chance to contradict this hormone. The only way to fight fatigue is to take rest.
  4. Urination increased during this early pregnancy and then decreases a little in the middle of pregnancy. But it will again return back in the late pregnancy due to the fact the growing uterus will compress the bladder making the capacity more and more less to hold urine. In early pregnancy, urination increases due to increased blood supply to the kidney. To fight this problem, you need to restrict drinking water 2-3 hours before going to bed. But whole day, you must not. You should drink more liquids/fluids which is vital for you at this time and for your baby. When you urinate, try to empty your bladder as much as possible, even leaning a little forward. Make a point that not to have coffee, alcohol which are very good diuretics. Even no carbonated drinks should not be taken.
  5. Most important symptom is High Blood Pressure. It will generally increase during this time as there is increased fluid volume within your body. You should check Blood Pressure regularly specially, if you have hypertension from earlier or if you are little fatty. It is always suggested to take professional advises to manage blood pressure during any stage of pregnancy. You may read 5 Foods That May give you High Blood Pressure.
  6. Extra protection is needed to Prevent any kind of infection during pregnancy including flu. You may think, it is no problem as antibiotics are there in your home. But some antibiotics are restricted during pregnancy and it is better to avoid infection as well as antibiotics during this time which make prevention of infection during pregnancy very crucial. You should read Infection Prevention: Start Preventing Infection From Now


You should be a good mother not only after giving birth to your child but also when you are carrying him/her. There are many preparation to be a mother. Having said that, you should give your child a good biological environment for his or her growth and development in fetal stage.

So, if you are on the early days of your pregnancy and you are determined to provide you loving baby a healthy environment, you should take care of yourself.

  1. Eat a Good and Healthy Diet: There are many healthy diets listed in internet. But the most important thing is that the diet (in all cases and also in pregnancy) must be individualized. It is important to get a good diet either from a doctor or a dietician. In a general way, no oily and spicy food as there is increased chance of acidity in your stomach.
  2. You may start taking folic acid and multivitamins: Folic acid is crucial to prevent congenital disorders in babies. It is recommended to take 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid from your start of pregnancy up to 12 weeks. Folic acid is also known as Vitamin B9. It not only prevents congenital diseases in babies but also helps in forming brain and preventing cancers in the future.
  3. Lifestyle and Behavior: Lifestyle has to be heavily in check. Fast foods, disco, hanging with friends, cokes, smoking, alcohol (most important), other drugs, chewing tobacco. Do not go for exercise (not even moderate). You can do some yoga, some light exercise. You should increase your rest time. But you should be well aware about obesity (although you will get little fatty than earlier during pregnancy) and other problems which may arise due to immobility. Overall you must keep the lifestyle a little low and disciplined.
  4. Going Outside: In early stage of pregnancy, you can do work. But slowly with the time or advancing weeks of pregnancy, you should make a habit not to go outside for everything. You may take an evening walk accompanied by someone. Taking rest is very important from early stage only. But do not be inactive. Do regular hand exercise, walking, spot cycling, rising the leg up while lying down, etc.
  5. Trauma, Violence, Injury: This is very important point as it has high hazards. You should be extra careful during this time. In your mind, there should be a thought that someone is within you. Again, there are some cases of domestic violence. During this time, these kinds of criminal activities must be avoided. If required, take help from your local police or authority. If you fall down, without delay, please go to the doctor for check up.
  6. Mental Health: During the early stage of pregnancy, it is important for the mother be in good mental health. It is estimated that during this time, about 20% of mothers experience mental disorders. This has not only the effect on the mother but also the baby. Different anxious thinking may start within the mother’s mind which can lead to these disorders. Also, there may be an effect of hormones which may contribute to this mother’s mental problems. There is increasing debates among the scientists and doctors for choosing the right drugs as the normal psychiatric drugs are not desirable in pregnant mothers. Common antidepressants like paroxetine (SSRI) is debated to have cardiac defects among the babies. So, their use must not be encouraged. Rather Bupropion may be an option during pregnancy and is not reported to have any teratogenic effect. If you feel any mental problems from depression, anxiety, etc, you should go to a psychiatrist to get a counseling. Read Homely Ways to Prevent Depression.
  7. Toxin Exposure: You may think this point as useless. You may think “I never get exposed to toxins.” No, I am not talking about toxins coming from factory or some faraway places. I am talking about toxins that are surrounding you. Surrounding toxins that have effect on your babies are alcohol, lead (batteries and paints), toluene (nail polish), Bisphenol-A (CD-Rom), etc. Needless to say, you must try to avoid these toxins.

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For a woman, one of the most important phase of the life is Pregnancy and 1st trimester (0 – 12 weeks or early stage) is the most important phase of pregnancy. You must be caring and very careful in this phase. Although the whole of pregnancy is important, the facts written above should be followed since the early stage. You should also go for antenatal check up regularly as said by your consulting doctor.

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