5 Foods that May Give You High Blood Pressure

  1. Table Salt: Most common dietary cause of high blood pressure
  2. Pickles: As pickles are preserved food, it contains salt. All preserved foods may contain salt. Although less salt option may also be available.
  3. Sugar and sweetened drinks: these have contributed in making people obese. Obesity always increase blood pressure.
  4. Chicken skin and Deep Fried foods. They contain high amount of oils which may likely contain LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol. This is bad cholesterol and may hamper the flow of blood in the vessel.
  5. Coffee and Red Meat: Red Meat contain LDL cholesterol in good amount. Excessive consumption may give Liver problems. Coffee, in general, vasoconstrictor. That is to say, it narrow the vessels diameter and increase the flow of blood for a short period of time. So, we may feel fresh from sleepy and may treat headache. But, in case of hypertensive person, it may increase blood pressure as well for short period. Although, it should be avoided by hypertensives

Note: Decrease or limiting the consumption of table salt/salt given in food, may, overall, prevent increase of blood pressure.

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