32 Weeks Pregnant Pregnancy Week by Week What to Expect


Here are symptoms of a woman 32 weeks pregnant including weight gain and pictures of ultrasound and belly.

As a woman becomes 32 weeks pregnant, she will have a bigger tummy, thus, making moving increasingly difficult. The internal systems of the baby are reaching maturity and growth is more focused on fat storage. Pregnancy is getting tougher by this week as the growing uterus causes the worsening of the pregnancy discomforts.

A 32-week pregnant woman should have everything prepared by now because delivery may occur soon. She must also be open to the possibility of delivery through C-section so that she won’t be overly anxious if the need arises. Certainly, advance preparation helps to minimize fears associated with childbirth.

What to Expect at 32 Weeks Pregnant

If a woman knows what to expect on week 32, she will feel more relaxed and can enjoy the remaining weeks of her pregnancy.

  • Weight gain

A pregnant woman who is on her 32nd week should expect to have gained more or less 25 pounds. If she is carrying twins, she may have put on even more.

  • Pregnancy symptoms

The added weight will have a direct effect on her body, causing her pregnancy symptoms to get worse.

  • Cesarean delivery

Even if she plans to have a normal delivery, it would be best for the woman to consider the possibility of Cesarean delivery. This is especially important if she has a high risk pregnancy and the conditions that warrant a C-section.

Fetal Development on the 32nd Week of Pregnancy

The fetus is packing in more weight and is getting more plump at 3.7 to 4 pounds and nearly 17 inches long. His/her lungs are on their way to maturity, while his/her skin is becoming more opaque. The baby’s facial features are more distinct and appear adorable as more layers of fats build up in the skin. By week 32, the baby is already moving his/her hands, turning his/her head side to side and all of his/her senses are fully functioning. Furthermore, the fingernails and toenails are fully formed; whereas the hair on the baby’s head continuously grows as the lanugo starts to shed off.

Symptoms of 32 Weeks Pregnant

  • Heart palpitations

It is normal for a 32-week pregnant woman to feel her heart beating so fast as this is caused by the increased blood volume as well as hormonal changes and stress. However, heart palpitations may need medical attention when it is associated with breathing difficulties and chest pain.

  • Frequent urination

This symptom is caused by the continually growing uterus which places more pressure on the bladder.

  • Back pain

An achy and painful back is also common in week 32 as this is due to physical and hormonal changes.

  • Extreme exhaustion

It is normal for the woman to feel extremely exhausted as her pregnancy advances. Fatigue on the third trimester of pregnancy is often caused by elevated levels of progesterone as the body prepares for the big day.

  • Itchy abdomen

As the uterus enlarges, the abdominal skin further stretches causing it to dry out and itch.

Being 32 weeks pregnant may bring a lot of anxiety but knowing what is happening this week will help the expectant mom to manage and cope with her fears.

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