What are the benefits of IVF treatment?


The following are primary benefits of the IVF treatment to those couples who are unable to conceive naturally and these are:

  1. Blocked tubes: The women who are dealing with the causes of blocked or damaged fallopian tubes for them IVF is the best option to have the baby using their own eggs.
  2. PCOS: PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) is a common condition due to which a woman is unable to conceive because she has imbalance hormone which leads to irregular menstrual cycles. IVF is a treatment that has proved very successful in patients with PCOS, who will not conceive with ovulation induction.
  3. Low ovarian reserve: IVF is a treatment which is used to maximize the chance of older women in conceiving a baby. At Select IVF India, we have experience IVF expert Dr. Nalini Gupta who is able to make the pregnancy possible for the women with old age and those with low ovarian reserve. We use natural IVF which focus on the quality of eggs, rather than quantity.
  4. Male infertility: IVF is a treatment which is useful for couples with a male infertility problem as this will increase the chance of conceiving as compared to conceiving a baby naturally. At Select IVF India, we have a number of laboratory techniques to facilitate this including intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and also we have an experienced urologist consultant who guides the male members with fertility problems. Also Read 10 Foods to Increase Sperm Count
  5. Unexplained infertility: Nowadays with the busy schedule, there are 1 in 6 couples who suffer from fertility problems and sometimes these problems remain unexplained after an investigation. These patients may benefit from IVF.
  6. Endometriosis: Patients who dealing with endometriosis, which means the parts of the women womb lining grow outside her womb in such cases IVF is the best option which has proved successful pregnancy in such conditions.
  7. Premature ovarian failure: Women who are dealing with premature ovarian failure or menopause for them IVF treatment using donor eggs are the best option with which they have high success rates.
  8. Chances of miscarriages decreased: The most common cause due to which miscarriages happen is a genetic abnormality, which means women body naturally terminate the pregnancy. In such cases, the IVF with PGD is the best option to determine the genetic viability of an embryo ahead of time, so that mothers have a better chance of enjoying a healthy pregnancy and they can easily carry the baby for full-term.


Success rates

IVF is a treatment which is considered one of the most successful methods for people who wish to have their own baby. IVF is a treatment which becomes a ray of hope for many people, but one must take into consideration that the IVF success rates mainly depends on the age of the woman. The younger the women are the chances of successful IVF is high as compared to older women. Till date, the success rates of the IVF at Select IVF India are around 80 to 90%.

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