Infection Prevention: Start Preventing Infection From Now


Infection occurs when any micro-organism enters your body. You cannot even understand or realize how infection got into you. You keep on thinking how and from where this infection occurs. Read this blog and start preventing from today…

Actually what happens is, you miss or overlook how you keep yourself. You forget where you stood in the market, with whom you talk, what you touched and then again touched your eyes, skin, etc. Even you don’t know who is having fever while you were at the market.

Individual Prevention Methods are most important because if one can prevent then another can and in this way, more and more.

I will not discuss core medical things here rather very common prevention techniques which really can keep away from infection in everyday life!

At Home

  1. Keep your home clean. Use disinfectant on a regular basis
  2. Ventilate your rooms at least for 1-2 hours a day. This means you should renew the air by allowing the existing air to go out and new air to come in. Can be done easily by opening windows or doors on the opposite to each other
  3. Always wash/clean fruits before eating. Do not keep cut fruits. House fly which is very common in any house can transmit about 100 pathogens including cholera, typhoid, salmonellosis, etc
  4. If you touch raw vegetables then before touching any part of your body specially eyes, wash your hands. Fungus may be present on the raw vegetables which can be transmitted to your eyes and cause fungal keratitis
  5. Keep clothes clean. The clothes that were stored for many months or years, do not wear those just after you get them out. Check for any visible fungal growth. There may be lots of dirt which may also be invisible. If possible, wash it and then wear. Or at least give them heavy air blow with blower or shake them heavily
  6. Always wash your hands and legs after coming from outside

At Outside

  1. You can cover your mouth and nose with mask
  2. Try to avoid street food
  3. Avoid coming in contact with dogs or cats. Not only do they have rabies but also many parasitic infection are common in these animals
  4. Use antifungal powder before going outside. Apply in those areas where sweats are prevalent.
  5. If your feet get sweat more often, try to wash every time you come from outside with antiseptic solution. The smell is due to a bacteria. You can use netted socks also. In this case, you have to wash the used socks every time you use it.

General Advice to Prevent Infection of any kind

  1. Boost Your Immunity through Balanced diet. Reduce Sugars, increases vegetables and fruits
  2. If not everyday, try to take natural yogurt/curd more often
  3. Take Vitamin D. Read This to know the benefits.
  4. Stay away from dogs and cats even they are pet to someone.
  5. Talk to a doctor for vaccination. Many vaccinations are now released.
  6. If you have too much dandruff, refer to this.
  7. Suspect circle lesion in your skin, please refer to this.
  8. Do you have Fever/Flu, we suggest you this.
  9. Suspect bacterial infection, it is better to start antibiotic course. Without delay, talk to a doctor for its course plan.

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