Tuberculosis: 8 Points May Protect You


Tuberculosis is very contagious disease. It is transmitted from one to another by aerosol droplets of 0.5 to 5 µm in diameter. These aerosol droplets are released when a person sneeze, cough, speak, sings, spits. One single sneeze can release 40,000 droplets. There are many disease in which the micro-organisms are released from patient’s body and get transmitted via air. But in this disease, droplets transmits the disease and not the air only. The air may carry these droplets and even the droplets may remain suspended in the air. Even if the patient leave the place after sneezing, the droplets can be present in that area which can be inhaled by healthy and hence, have the disease.


  1. Avoid Contracting TB patient.
  2. Encourage the TB patient to wear mask. It is also better to wear mask yourself
  3. Lead a healthy lifestyle
  4. Get BCG vaccine to prevent TB. Get your children vaccinated
  5. Increase your protein intake
  6. If you are a TB patient, complete the drug course. Do not leave the medication midway. Remember, you can cure TB completely.
  7. Hygiene is very important. if you get exposed to TB patients or you are health worker, wash your hand properly
  8. Ventilate your room properly. If there is a patient in your home, air ventilation should be properly present.

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