Swollen Feet: Causes to Remedies


Swollen feet is very common problem. Specially older population encounters this problem. This blog may solve all your queries regarding swollen feet and may give you the solution of your swollen feet!

Swollen feet, basically, is a symptom or sign and is part of many diseases. Simply it can occur due to long standing or can be due to diseases like kidney failure. Sometimes, it resolves spontaneously and sometimes it can stay for long. But the problem lies when it stays for long. It becomes severe and can cause complications like stiffness, painful chronic swelling, scarred tissue, skin ulceration, walking difficulties or increased risk of infection, decreased flow of blood. Although, you may overlook swollen feet but sometimes, it becomes serious. Let’s see what are the causes and remedies for swollen feet.


  1. Posture/Long Standing: This may occur due to standing for long time or sitting in one place for long time keeping the feet static in position. Specially in long haul journey, this occurs quite often.
  2. Injury: Sometimes, wrong steps or due to fall down, bone may break or sprain may occurs. Due to this, the tissue around that bone may get tear. To heal this tear, the blood may rush to the site and cause swelling.
  3. Infection: It may cause inflammation of the tissues and increase of blood flow. Additionally, it can cause retention of water which may add to the swelling. In this case, it is more likely that you may get swelling in one leg.
  4. Medications: Certain medication like calcium channel blockers, steroids, antidepressants, anti-diabetics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and hormones such as estrogen may cause swelling in the feet.
  5. Kidney Failure: The function of kidney is to excrete out the water and salt. If kidney get damaged and its function is compromised then it may not excrete salt, leading to its retention. This causes swollen of feet.
  6. Heart Failure: The function of heart is to pump blood and distribute oxygen and food to all the parts of the body. When heart failure occurs, it cannot pump sufficiently and so the stasis occur mostly in the legs. Water oozes out and cause swelling. This may cause swelling in both the legs.
  7. Lymphatic Obstruction: Lymph nodes may swell up due to infection and may cause swelling
  8. Pregnancy and Obesity: Both of these may also cause swelling. In pregnancy, blood volume increases by almost 40% causing more water to accumulate, leading to swelling. In case of obesity, due to increased fat tissue, the venous obstruction occurs. When venous obstruction occurs, blood cannot return to heart and slowed down. Stasis of blood leads to oozing of water from blood vessel causing swelling of feet.
  9. Other causes may includes aging, excessive alcohol consumption, high altitudes, menstruation, insect bites, malnutrition, laxative abuse, thyroid disease, blood clots, burns including sun burn, etc


  1. RICE: R-Rest, I-Ice, C-Compression, E-Elevation. This works best when your bone may have broken or sprain occurs. Rest will give opportunity to heal the leg. Ice will make the blood vessel narrower, thus, limiting the blood flow. Compression may hold the muscle together and gives you pain relief. Most importantly, compression will push the fluid in other compartment of the legs. Elevation will ease the flow of blood towards the heart and redistribute the blood.
  2. If your swelling do not subsides and it is severe, it can be due to underlying diseases. You should visit a doctor and you may need to undergo several test to conclude ultimate diagnosis.
  3. Stretching your body while you are sitting for a long time.
  4. While you work for long time sitting, you should take some walk every after a interval.
  5. Avoid too much drinking water, if you do so.
  6. Cut down salt intake
  7. NSAID can be taken to reduce pain and swelling
  8. Diuretics can be taken
  9. Loosing weight
  10. Make a source where you can get continuous support for your health. Like joining a Internet community like this
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