Oral Cancer: Causes and Prevention You Must Know


Factors That Causes Oral Cancer

  1. Premalignant Lesions: Presence of conditions like Oral lichen, oral submucous fibrosis, white patches, red patches, chronic hyperplastic candidiasis, etc from before hand may predispose to oral carcinoma
  2. Tobacco and Alcohol: Smoking to alcohol may trigger oral cancer. Even tobacco chewing is highly carcinogenic
  3. Human Papilloma Virus: Particularly HPV-16 infection is very carcinogenic
  4. Diet deficient in fruits and vegetables
  5. Long term washing of mouth with alcohol containing Mouth-wash is also a predisposing factor
  6. Poor Oral Hygiene: Regular dental care, brushing, washing mouth with cold water is desirable and may decrease the chance of oral cancer

Biggest Prevention

  1. Always check your mouth or whole cavity (Buccal cavity) for lumps, bumps, tender areas, grey/white patches, etc. If found, visit a doctor.
  2. Replace frying and grilling with baking, boiling or steaming. Use healthy spices like garlic, ginger and curry powder for added flavour.
  3. Avoid high UV sun exposure for long. Check UV level in any weather app
  4. Eat foods that prevent cancer. Read This blog to know those foods which causes cancer

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