10 Facts about Ringworms That You May Not Know

  1. caused by fungus that live on skin, gym, household items.
  2. many fungi may live on your skin
  3. disease causing fungi may get transferred to your skin from infected person, infected items
  4. cats, dogs and other pet animals may give you fungal infection
  5. may occur in scalp, face, hand, neck, feet, buttocks, nails
  6. red, scaly, itch, raised patches. May be ring like structure
  7. The ring lesion is contagious. This means, touching or rubbing the lesion may transmit fungi to other persons
  8. prevent this disease by keeping the hand dry, do not use other’s items or let others use yours, wash your hand by antiseptic liquid, bathing with soap, washing clothes regularly, etc
  9. miconazole or clotrimazole (antifungal cream) may be treat
  10. visit a skin specialist if you can.

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