5 Things You Can Do In Fever/Flu


There are medications. But apart from this, we can also do something which can aid in controlling fever

  1. First Medication: An antipyretic must be the first choice. Example is Paracetamol 500 mg. Do not take this medicine more than 2000 mg ( although upto 4000 mg is allowed) for being in safe side. You do not know how your body reacts….
  2. Eat easily digestible foods. Do not eat foods containing fats, spice, oil. During fever, do not carry out your weight loss plan, if you have any.
  3. Take a wholesome Rest
  4. Do not watch movies and hear loud music. This may strain your brain and eyes.
  5. If fever do not come down, you can go for NSAID like Ibuprofen

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Note 1: Remember, viral fever cannot be cured with a medicine. Viruses cannot be killed, their effects can be minimized until they are vanished themselves. Same applies to here. We just try to keep the body temperature low as much as we can.

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Note 2: It is better to opt a doctor’s advise. MedBlog18.com is not responsible for the consequences, if, claimed to occur. by following above guidelines.

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