6 Things You Can Do To Decrease Over Sleep

  1. Always go to sleep at fixed time at night. Best, if you can maintain same time.
  2. If possible, switch on your alarm in mobile or in other devices. For example, if you sleep at 12’O Clock at night, switch on alarm at 6 am, 06:10 am, 6:15 am, 6:25 am, 6:27 am, 06:28am, 06:29 am, 6:30 and if needed more alarms in 1 to 2 minutes gap. If Snooze option is available, still do same as said above.
  3. When you are going to sleep, program your body by saying that you will wake up at right time, repeatedly.
  4. Drink plenty of water during day time. [Also Read Healthy Water Is Essential To Life]
  5. Do not go for any medicines. Always check your skin, eyes, etc so that no ill effects should be there due to sleep deprivation.
  6. Always keep yourself busy and think about your work. It keeps you away from getting bored and sleep.

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