Dandruff: 10 Weapons to Quick-Kill


First of all, you need to consider that if you have encounter too much dandruff, you need to allot a time for your hair health.

  1. Shampoo: If you have heavy dandruff, then instead of going for ayurvedic solution, go for chemical solution like branded shampoos available in the market. Use this shampoo 3-4 times in a week. While doing so, apply the shampoo thoroughly and for go on massaging for about 15 minutes
  2. Go for a hair vitalizer. There are lots of them. Buy a good brand and apply almost everyday. It enhances the nutrition required to maintain the hair and scalp skin
  3. Everyday before going to bathe, apply some hair oil only. Not any oil like body oil
  4. Medicated Shampoo: If you have dandruff too much for too long, it may be due to fungal infection. In this case, shampoo containing ketoconazole is better. Many medicated shampoo are available now a days.
  5. If you are staying in polluted cities, you can try some cap. It may protect your hair from pollutants, dirts, etc
  6. If you are boy and encounter too much dandruff, you can have small hairs. If you are a girl, you can also have if it is possible from your end. Too much hair and hot climate can lead to oil secretion from scalp skin
  7. Don’t apply too many products in hair, specially chemicals. One standard branded chemical shampoo is good but not too many products.
  8. Nutrition is also very important. Diet high in zinc and vitamin B is better.
  9. Eat more MUFAs ( monounsaturated fatty acids) whenever possible.  The ideal sources are avocados, nuts, olives, and safflower oil. Vitamin B rich foods like oatmeal, rice, eggs, and bananas are good. It will keep your hair healthy and dandruff free.
  10. Remember to maintain the above points consistently and if you have dandruff even after all these points, it is better to go for a check with a skin specialist or dermatologist.

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