Low Air Quality? How to Save Yourself From Air Pollution

Lonely man wants to be more lonely from the polluted city

Air pollution has increased so much that 7 million premature death is being linked by World Health Organization (WHO).

Most common diseases that is linked to air pollution are:

1. Ischemic Heart Disease: Ischemia or limitation of blood flow to heart muscle leading to poor oxygen supply to heart. Heart muscle may die from this and may lead to Myocardial Ischemia

2. Stroke: Same condition like Myocardial ischemia, but this occurs to brain. Brain cells die due to poor oxygenation.

3. Lung Cancer: This basically needs no explanations. Malignancy to lung tissue may literally destruct it

4. Lower Respiratory Tract Infection: Although it occurs mostly in children, it may also occur in adults. LRTI includes pneumonia, lung abscess, acute bronchitis.

How You May Protect Yourself?

  • Track Air pollution level. Either check it in net or you may use any weather app.
  • Good nutrition. This is indirect way to fight the illness of pollution by increasing and boosting your immunity.
  • Lungs infection occurs in less aeration. So, do some breathing exercises inside clean room not in polluted areas. One of the most important point
  • Use high quality mask while outside. This is most important point.
  • If possible, use air conditioner (A.C) in car and house. It can filter the air pollutants and clears the air
  • Cultivate Indoor plants. It can recycle air naturally within your home.
  • Try to avoid peak pollution hours or days.
  • After returning home, take bath as soon as possible. It will prevent any air suspended pollutant to affect the skin.
  • Cleaning the face is also recommended daily and hair in regular basis
  • A cotton handkerchief is enough to save you from inhaling 30% of the particle pollutants
  • You can also invest in buying Air Purifier.
  • Do not cook in those which can give smokes or fumes.
  • If possible, stay in clean city or town.
  • Build homes away from highway or main road

Although there is little to do at individual level to rectify air pollution, as it is a matter of government to bring out new laws and rules to keep air pollution in check. But you should be aware of the pollution as it can cause diseases in you.

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