5 Ways to Stay Healthy At Home


It may appear that your “Home Sweet Home” is really sweet. But is it really sweet and safe that much? The person who stays at home much of the time also becomes unwell. There are some factors which are roaming around us at home, making us unwell even at home. This article shows you how to stay healthy at home.

Organic Waste not to be kept

In your family, there may be sveral persons or few persons or you may be alone. The whole day you and family members eat, organic waste piles up. Usually, the waste handler comes at a fixed time to your home when you hand over the wastes to him. But the whole day the waste remain in your home. The flies comes and goes. They feed on that waste and also vomits on that wastes. There are invasion of several other insects that you simply ignore.

What you can do is that if it is possible, do not pile up the organic wastes. At least dispose them twice in a day. If it is not possible, buy one cover dustbin so that the waste can be kept segregated from the rest of environment.

Insect repellent and floor cleaners

Today, we use floor cleaners often. There are so many insect repellents also. Due to increased awareness and strict governance by the health councils over the world has lead the manufacturers to shift to less toxic chemicals. Though they are less toxic, they are still hazardous if you ingest them. Like Boric acid which is often present in many insect repellent, they are quite harmful if you somehow ingest. So, be careful while spraying and do not use too much. There are chemicals which on low dosage is not so harmful but may be harmful if it is present in high dose.

So, use whenever required and in controlled amount.

Anything from outside

When we come from outside, we bring numerous amount of bacteria and other micro organisms with us and welcome them to our home. Although, you may not give so much attention to this point but it matters sometimes. The bacteria which get introduced in our home may successfully cause harm who is weak or immune compromised individuals, like babies, children, old family members, etc. Sometimes, the most dreadful incident happens. We may bring disease causing bacteria or viruses in our body, that is, we received the bacteria or viruses from outside crowd or somewhere and bring those to our home and spread within the family members. We ignore all these simply because we cannot see these happening.

So, what we should do is to leave our shoes outside the home. If we return to our home after work, we should take bath properly and specially wash our hands and fingers. Clothes should also be washed after wearing 2 to 3 times in hot countries or during summer seasons and in case it is winter or in cold countries, it can be washed after wearing 5 to 8 times. The biggest bag which you use to bring harmful micro-organisms to your home is your own body. So, always try to keep your body clean.

Even always wash and eat fruits or any other unpacked food items you brought into your house. Try not to touch anybody (specially children and babies) just after entering the home.

Patients with Contagious disease

Sometimes, our family member can be affected with diseases like chicken pox, tuberculosis, etc which are very contagious, that is, the disease that spread very easily.

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Firstly, if any contagious diseased patient is present, get to know how the disease spreads. Like tuberculosis, the disease is spread through droplets that comes out from the mouth of the patient while coughing. Those droplets (one droplet cannot be seen while in bunch, they can seen as torn up fluids) are very light and may float in the air. When a person will breathe in, the droplets may enter into him or her and can cause tuberculosis. So, it is very important to know how each disease spreads. Secondly, the articles like pillow, bed cover, phones, etc should also be segregated and those articles which are washable must be washed before using by other people. Thirdly, if possible, keep the patient separate from other family members, physically.

Additionally, family members or the patient (if possible for him or her) should wear mask which can reduce transmission sufficiently.

Airflow and Sunlight

The most important thing that can keep you healthy is to renew the air inside your home. Open windows every morning (specially) because the air in the morning is the most pollution free of all the daytime. Stagnant air inside the house may give a good environment for the harmful micro-organisms to grow. So, renewing the air inside is very important for prevention of the growth of micro-organisms as well as for oxygenation for your breathing.

More over, the sunlight also helps to kill organisms and provides you the scope to manufacture vitamin D. The sunlight also prevents growth of micro-organisms inside your house.

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The duet (sunlight and air flow) will make your house healthier and refresh with oxygen and renews the air inside. But remember, try to do this in the morning, it will be best then.

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