How to make your food tasty yet healthy?


Food is something where the taste matters the most to us. We often ignore the health aspect of the food and focus on making it tasty. Neither we go for less tasty food like boiled foods nor we should ignore the health aspect. It is seen that the food that is made with spices and oils are much more tasty but less healthy. This fact gives us a big problem. Often we cannot balance the taste and the health aspect of food and at last, we go for taste that lead to chronic effects.

In this blog, you will come to know some quick tips on how to make food tasty and yet healthy.

Salt Restriction

Salt is very important ingredient in our food. Almost in every food item, we give an amount of salt. Salt has some negative health effects as well as positive. Salt may hold water in your body and maintains blood pressure. It has many other functions in our body. But today what is more concerning is that salt has lead to high blood pressure. Because salt has the function of holding back the water inside the vessel and thus increasing blood pressure. Those persons who already have high blood pressure will be affected very badly.

Now tasty food sometimes contains salt in adequate amount. You can give less amount of salt in food during cooking. Remember, you have always chance to give more salt afterwards. So, try to make a habit to have less salt every time you eat food

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Use some oil tricks

We have to use oils for cooking. Specially frying something needs oil. Try to make a habit of eating boiled food items. Like boiled vegetables, eggs instead of frying them everytime. If you have to eat fried items, use non sticky frying pan so that you can cook with much lesser amount of oil. Again when you have to cook chicken meat, boil it in water first and then cook in oil. If you give directly for cooking in oil, it will need a good amount of oil. That will ultimately made your chicken meat bit unhealthy for you. You may have seen brinjals (eggplant) needs a bigger amount of oil. So, to minimize this much oil consumption, you can do one trick: first cut the brinjals (eggplants) into your desired shapes and sizes. Then keep them in a bowl with full of water. Keep like this for 10 to 15 minutes. Then start cooking in non stick frying pan. You need not to give much oil this time. In many cases, like frying an egg, you can brush your non stick pan with oil and then you can start frying egg.

Add more garlic

Adding garlic may make your food tasty and have many beneficial effects on your health. You can add garlic to your food as there is hardly any harmful effect of garlic on adding to the food. Garlic contains polysulfides which causes vasodilation (dilates your blood vessels) and thus helps to maintain the blood pressure. Garlic is also said to decrease bad cholesterol (LDL). Garlic also has anti-inflammatory actions. So, it can be beneficial in many diseases like neuro-degenerative diseases. Garlic has chelation property and hence can be beneficial in removing heavy metals from your body. There are many more beneficial effects of garlic. Thus, you can add garlic to increase the taste of your food without thinking of its effects on our body.

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Try to add more proteins and fiber

This is general rule of thumb that proteins and fiber will never give you trouble. Proteins will help in making your muscles and will never increase your body fat or weight. So, protein is both beneficial for a person who is underweight or who is over weight, apart from normal individuals. Fiber will keep your digestive system in good condition and also helps to make the bulk of your stool. If the both are present in well deserving amount in your diet, you will be overall very healthy in the long term.

Cook in small amount

Never cook too much at once. Even if you make the food very spicy and you have to eat the whole. So, you should make that amount which should be sufficient for all. Many a times, it can be seen we are forced to eat simply because the food is more. This causes us to gain more unwanted energy and hence contribute in making the stored energy. This is a very simple tip to follow but is very important.

Prepare the meat

When cooking meat, you should boil it in water. If you do that, then, you need much less oil while cooking it. Otherwise, the amount of oil is needed more just make it soft. Because if you do not boil it first then the meat practically boils in the oil and it consume too much oil for that. And you have to pour a good amount of oil. But you can easily cut the amount of oil if you boil the meat in water first. After you have boiled, you can use some plant based oil to cook and can add garlic for taste. This will make your meat tastier and also healthier.

Drink Water more

If you drink water like 2 to 3 liters per day then it is very good. But why you need to drink water? Because water can contribute to weight loss by speeding up the process of metabolism. Water can also make your ingested food more semi-liquid and helps in digestion process. Water also takes part in the formation of stool and obviously urine. Thus, drinking water can be helpful in maintaining the body fats and wastes. Hence just drink 2 to 3 liters of water everyday without thinking much.

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Drink fruit Juice while eating

In many culture, drinking fruit juice along with the meal is mandatory. It may enhance your taste and overall look of the meal. But there is a good point about that. If you drink a fruit juice, it will aid in making your stomach full more quickly and you will eat less. More over you will drink a fruit juice with all its vitamins and minerals of that fruit. So, firstly you do not have to take any other fruit separately and secondly, you will eat the food in less amount. In both ways, you can maintain your body fat and weight.


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You can follow this pyramid which provides the frequency by which you should consume the particular food item. The breadth of the triangle is the amount of food items that should be consume. Even you can eat chicken (white meat) weekly but red meat should be consumed monthly once.

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