Fatty Liver Disease: Evergreen Tips To Control


Fatty Liver Disease is the term used to indicate the presence of fat within the liver cells. These fats come from your food that we eat. Normally, the liver contain some fats. But if more than 10% to 15% weight of the liver is contributed by fats then the amount of stored fat in the liver is more and can be regarded as fatty liver disease. When fats get stored in liver cells in good amount, it causes damage to the liver cells and hence the different essential functions of the liver may get hampered. If left untreated and ignored then this insults to the liver may lead to cirrhosis and hence hepato-cellular carcinoma.

In today’s lifestyle, we often eat those foods which contributes in making liver fatty. Most of the young people drink alcohol. Habit of eating fast foods are also increasing. Actually fast foods provides too much energy and fats in short time, that is to say, by eating very little fast foods you can obtain more fats. All these causes excess accumulation of fats in the liver cells.

Many of you do not even know whether you have fatty liver disease or at least fat accumulation in your liver cells. It often get ignored because we cannot understand when it has started. So, many people still are unaware of the fact that they have fatty liver.

Generally, while doing a routine test for jobs and education or during sudden check up, fatty liver condition get all your attention. Now the confusion arise in your mind that how to control. May be you are not prescribed any drugs as it is still in early age. But if you too careless, you are not going to be like this and there may be more serious condition to come. Before it get off your hands, follow these evergreen tips to control your fatty liver.

No Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the biggest factor in making your liver fatty. At the same time, quitting alcohol is one of the biggest preventing factor or management technique in this case. Liver is the organ that does many functions. One of the important function is to scan everything you eat including drugs and alcohol. Not only scan, the liver tries to detoxify or breaks down any toxic materials including drugs. When the liver tries to break down alcohol, liver undergoes certain chemical reactions. These chemical reactions damage the liver cells and hence the liver cells experience inflammation. After this, there are attempts of repairing the liver by the body. This causes scarring of the liver and hence irreversible damage to the liver. This happens almost everytime you consume alcohol.

Much of the fats from alcohol get deposited in the liver cells and cause more damages to the liver.

Now a days, alcohol is so common and accepted drink everywhere. Most of us cannot escape alcohol drinking. In this situation, you neither can escape drinking alcohol nor can readily support the alcohol drinking. To balance this, you must read Which Alcohol is healthier?

Lose weight

It has been seen that the persons who have fatty liver often are obese. But you should not judge yourself or others obese just by observing. You must check the person’s Basal Metabolic Index or BMI. To do so, you must know the person’s weight (in Kg) and height (in metre). Then the following formula is applied.

BMI = Weight(Kg)/ [Height (Meter)]2

In this way, the BMI is calculated. Now, if the BMI is above 25, you should try to lower it down to 24.99 or less. Try to keep the BMI within 20-24 which can be considered as the best. In most cases, the person with the fatty liver condition is found to have BMI of more than 28 or 29. This is dangerous and must be lower down.

If you simply lose weight then easily fatty liver can be controlled to greater extent. One of the very effective way to control fatty liver or prevent fatty liver is to maintain weight and hence BMI. But losing weight or keeping weight in check is very difficult. There are thousands of articles out there on internet which basically give you no information. I strongly advise you to refer some of the articles by MedBlog18 on Weight Loss.

The Best Way To Lose Weight Now


Protective Foods for Liver

There are some food and drink items that are potentially protective to liver. In general, there are some unstable molecules that come from oxygen and nitrogen in our body. These molecules cause damage by oxidation process to the nearby cells including liver. Not only for liver, it is applicable for any organ including liver. To counter these, there are some protective food item that we can consume which are regarded as anti-oxidants. Most effective anti-oxidants are coffee, green tea, garlic, fruits, vegetables, vitamin E, vitamin C. Vegetables may include blackberries, carrots, broccoli, spinach, eggs, cabbage, etc. Nuts are also good for liver. Fish containing Omega-3 fatty acids are good for liver.

To know more about cell damage by oxidative stress or radicals (as they are called), read We Are Getting Damaged By Radicals: How To Stop Them

You can also read These 5 Things can Damage Your Liver

Aerobic exercise

Although research is going on, there is not so clear evidence of how aerobic exercises protect liver. It has been observed in several studies that aerobic exercises prevent oxidative stress in our body leading to reduced damage to cells due to oxidation. So, aerobic exericises are well encouraged in order to prevent oxidative stress and hence cell damage. Another study found that increased aerobic exercises may promote the production and secretion of adiponectin (a protein hormone involved in glucose level regulation in blood as well as fatty acid breakdown in our body). Increased production of adiponectin reduces insulin resistance which is a major cause of fat deposition in liver cells.


One of the most important is diet. Apart from alcohol, there are more food items that must be avoided. One is red meat. That includes beef and pork. If there is a need to eat beef, you can do eat but in limited amount and 2 to 3 days in a month. Apart from these, you should have a knowledge of cooking oil. Sunflower and safflower oils are good oils as well as olive oil. But vegetable oils are bad for health. Again, mustard oils are not so good for health. Needlessly to say fast foods must be avoided. If you love fast foods too much then you may eat them for once a week.

Do not cook every day’s food with too much oils and spicy. Try to use less ghee and butter in foods like fried rice. It is better to consume toned milk or fat-less milk.

Shift towards Mediterranean diet. This diet consists of fruits, vegetables, seeds, herbs, fish, whole grains, etc. Mediterranean diet hardly includes any red meat.

It is also advisable to shift towards plant-based diet for fatty liver disease. Also called as vegan diet which does not contain any food items from animal source. Being low in saturated fatty acids, the vegan diet are very much preferred diet for prevention as well as treatment of fatty liver condition.

Remember, the diet is the only best factor that can prevent your fatty liver condition to get out of control.

Regular Check up

This is the last important thing to do. You should make up your mind to check the liver enzymes on a regular basis. Like every 6 months to 12 months, you should go for a blood test (Liver Function Test). If the enzymes are little higher than the normal, it is still fine. If it is more higher than expected, a doctor usually recommends a whole abdomen USG or fibroscan (in case of severe condition).

Apart from liver enzymes, you should also check your Fasting Blood Sugar. You can also buy Home-based kit.

Regular check ups can detect any problem earliest possible and hence it can be rectified easily. This is the last important thing you must do for your fatty liver condition.

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