Which Alcohol is healthier?


Today everywhere alcohol drinking is demotivated and discouraged. In Medblog18.com, we have prompted thousands times in different blogs. But people do not seem to get discouraged by any means to drink less alcohol. Even all these precautions, it can be seen prominently that teenagers and college students are drinking alcohol more and more as compared to the teenagers and college students of previous generation (before 30 years back). In this situation, Medblog18.com brings tips for you which alcohol is better for you to minimize the health hazards. Here are some list of alcohols which are better for you as compared to other types.


Being originated from fruit, wine contain less sugars than other alcohols. It contains antioxidants which reduces heart diseases in the long run. But how much you should drink? 5 ounces for female in a week and 10 ounces for male in a week. If you are not satisfied once in a week, you can go for twice to thrice per week but not more than thrice per week. You should also check the calorie. And do not mix wine with other types of alcohol or sugary substance which may increase the calorie level and also sugar level in our blood.


This bubbly drink is used in many victorious events. Champagne has less amount of calorie as compared to wine. Although the champagne contain antioxidants but in insignificant amount. Champagne is said to increase memory performance and skin quality. In one study, it was found to be beneficial in Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and also stroke. Being cautious about health, the best champagne is French champagne. The other champagne that are also better are Italian Prosecco and Spanish Cava. At last, the same question and the most important question – How much to take? According to food agencies, 250 ml of champagne can be taken safely in a week or twice per week.


Basically produced from different whole grains, they are produced differently from different whole grain leading to presence of large number of varieties. Whiskey contain significant amount of antioxidants. According USDA, whiskey contain less amount of saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate. A study done in 2012 had shown whiskey to be beneficial in preventing dementia. Whiskey also increases good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol. Whiskey is also shown to reduce internal blood clotting and thus decreases atherosclerosis and other vascular disorders. How much you can take safely? You can take 1.5 ounces per day three to four times in a week.


Beer lowers your kidney stones. Finnish scientist Dr.Tero Hirvonen of the National Public Health Institute of Helsinki assured one bottle of beer can reduce kidney stones by almost 40 percent. Beer is a hub of minerals. It can deliver you more minerals than any other type of alcoholic drinks. From beer, you can get iron, calcium, phosphate, fiber. Beer also provides enough protein and vitamin B. Beer protects from heart attack and strokes, if consumed within controlled amount. Controlled consumption can also reduce type-2 diabetes. How much is safer? 350 ml of beer per day for four to five days can be taken. Not more than that strictly.


Medblog18.com does not encourage you to consume alcohol just for mere benefits. If the other sides (the side effects) are to be considered, it is better not to consume any kind of alcohol. Here are some points which describes you why you should not continue consuming alcohol even these benefits are there or rather how to be safe if you consume alcohol.

Nutrition can be obtained from other foods

The nutrition that is delivered by the above alcoholic drinks can be obtained from green veggies and other kinds of safer food options. So, to obtain minerals, you do not have to depend upon these alcoholic drinks. And if you do so, its simply an excuse to your addiction.

Side effects are more

Although in this blog, we try to give you a gist of what are the beneficial points of these alcoholic drinks. But there are many side effects that should be considered. If we weighs those, the side effects will be more dangerous.

Be within the safer limit

Even you are not impressed by the fact that you should not drink these alcohols, then, you can drink alcohol within the safer limits as we said above. Do not go for more. It will save your life in the future.

Do not bargain

While buying alcoholic drinks, do not go for cheaper solution. Cheaper are so because they are not good for health. You know methyl alcohol are the cheapest solution which upon consumption may make you blind for life time. Go for bigger price so that your health will be spared.

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