We gain weight or lose weight because of many factors. Factors includes genetic constitution, daily physical activities, diets, etc. Now, you know, you cannot change the genetic constitution. So, what steps can we take?

In simple words, you can understand, you can increase physical activities and take a good diet. But these two factors are far more deeper than you think. Because, if you say one person. who have almost no physical activities, to start exercising right from today, it will not only be difficult for him or her but also impossible. So, giving a solution which cannot be followed is obviously not a solution.

Now, diet. It is another factor that highly depended on availability, culture, etc. At MedBlog18, when we write our blogs, we keep in mind that if you address foods, we must see whether it is easily available both in western countries as well as asian countries.

Again, there are many types of diets. Just by not eating fatty foods cannot make you lose weight. Think how consuming some drinks or foods can help you to loose weight? Yes, there are some foods/drinks which increases our body metabolism. This means, the body starts using the foods more and faster than usual, increasing the rate of usage of our stored energy like fats and carbohydrates. This implies the more you take the drink/food, the metabolism increases and your stored materials decreases, leading to loss of weight. In many customs, race, countries, etc, eating red meat, fatty food is very usual. In these case, the people belongs to these groups automatically consume fatty foods (bad cholesterol) leading not only to increase of weight but also other ailments like fatty liver, hypertension, etc.

So, in this blog, we give you some very useful tips that you can abide by. Truth be told, most bloggers just tell what should be told. But, they do not think about whether the readers can do or not. But MedBlog18 Team is constantly research what our readers are capable of and in their situation, what can we suggest them.


  1. Spot Jogging for 15-30 minutes as per your work burden. Obviously, doing it for almost 30 minutes daily can give you better result
  2. Flat Sit-Ups: Lie down on a floor/bed, then, try to rise up the upper part of the body while keep the lower portion with the bed/floor. Do this for minimum 20 times a day. Try to increase to 100 times a day. This may give you some abdominal muscle pain for first few days.
  3. Simple Inhaling and Forceful and Fast Exhaling: Do this for 30 minutes everyday can help to loose belly fat.
  4. Push Ups: You can do this but this will help you to lose weight a lot because most of the pressure goes to the hand, biceps, triceps, shoulder joint. In this blog, we are not discussing building a muscular body rather we are discussing how to lose weight.
  5. Simply Raise your Legs: May be alternatively or both, but, continue for atleast 30 minutes. Sometimes, try to keep the leg high up for seconds like 30 seconds. This will burn belly fat, help you to lose your weight
  6. Try to take less vehicles while going to somewhere. If time and work permits you, always try not to take bus, train, etc, rather walk. Walk fast for faster metabolism.
  7. Voluntarily press your belly, that is, make your abdominal muscle inside (not with your hand) and then again relax. You can do this for 15-20 minutes or you may also do in between your work, the whole day.
  8. Simply you can ride a bicycle while lying on the bed or floor. That means, drive a bicycle with legs, while lying on the bed. Lie on the bed and keep one leg little spread and one leg close to chest. Now move the farther one closer to chest and simultaneously move closer one to far from you. Do this alternatively for 20-40 minutes.

Other exercises are there. In fact, there are many exercises. But we promised you to tell you some easiest one that you really can do everyday. If we tell, swimming. It is a good idea but little tougher to do. You should have any water body for that. Above listed are some of the exercises, even a lazy fat person can carry out

Next is Diet. In general, oily and fatty foods like red meat, ghee, etc make you gain weight. If we simply tells you not to eat these products, it will not work. Because at some point of time, you may have to eat some fatty foods and oily foods at some occasions. So, today, we tell you those foods which increases your metabolism and help to loose weight. You may have met some people who eats more but do not gain weight that much or remain as it is for years. Do you know Why? Because their Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is High. It may due to genetic constitution, hormones, etc. If you gain weight with a little bit more foods then you must increase BMR more to loose weight. This can be done by increasing physical activities and also passively by consuming these below listed foods/drinks.


  1. Water: Very simple. If you add water to a chemical process it will react or go forward direction quickly. So, in our body, the chemical process of using stored energy can be made quicker by adding water to our body. So, drink water, do not go thirsty. When you feel thirsty, that means, you are mildly dehydrated and your metabolism is already slower. So, do not give chance to make it slower. As preventive method, drink water time to time.
  2. Minerals: Iron, zinc, selenium rich foods. Because if these minerals are deficient, your thyroid gland cannot make sufficient hormones which will make your metabolism again slower. Fortified cereal, lean meat can be a good source of minerals.
  3. Chilli: It contains a chemical known as capsaicin which can increase your metabolism. So, eat chilli within your limit.
  4. Ginger Tea: A study shows that dissolving 2 grams of giner powder in hot water and drinking it can burn 43 more calories than drinking water alone. Again, tea is also found to be increase the metabolism. We recommends you to drink ginger tea. A great combination with some healthy snacks during evening.
  5. There are many foods which can increase metabolism. Like green vegetables. In most Weight Loss Tips, you can find oatmeals, fiber rich foods, protein rich foods are advised. If you add these foods, the portion of fatty foods will decrease and you will not gain weight. So, this is a good idea to increase lentils, broccoli, green leafy vegetables which also contain minerals, increasing your BMR.

III. Other Passive Tips To Lose Your Weight In Your Busy Schedule

  1. If You are IT professionals, doctors or have to do desk jobs, try to walk or move your body/exercise time to time, standing at the same place
  2. Join some Health Forum. We recommend you to join MedBlog18’s Health Forum. But Why Ours? Because daily we post some tips there. You can ask your problems and get answered. It will be easier for you to choose and maintain those tips passively. You can access “Health Forum” from our Homepage’s menu or click on the this link
  3. Like Our Facebook page “MedBlog18”. Search with that name in facebook and like it. You will get daily tips about health.
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