We Are Getting Damaged By Radicals: How To Stop Them


Free Radicals are those chemicals in our body that damage our cells. These Radicals are very hard to get rid of. There is no such counter chemicals or other drugs that can stop them from destroying us.

There are some vitamins which can fight them. They are Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

The above foods are Vitamin rich foods that have the capabilities to fight the radicals. The vitamins that are involved in this fight are A, C, E. These vitamins can be obtained from the above foods. But if you go for these foods to obtain the required vitamins, it is quite obvious that you will be benefited but certainly, it will take time. Thus, you will gain the protective factors but it will be way too slower. The lack of sufficient vitamins at sufficient rate may fail you to fight with radicals.

So, there is a way out. You can take some Multi-Vitamins which specially equipped with Vitamin A, C, E. This will speed up the whole process which will give you sufficient amount of Vitamins at sufficient rate. The sufficient rate of vitamins can obviously fight with radicals and it can yield you a benefit in real life.

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