Crack FMGE 2022


They say, ‘Strike while the iron is hot’.. Yes, this is the time. This is the best time to fuel your dream and shape up your future. Two months should be sufficient to achieve the prep, required to crack FMGE if one can extract the best out of this span. No regret, no guilt over the past. Just grab your study- material and delve deep with a killer instinct!

Here are some hot and sizzling tips to strategize your prep:


  • Plan your schedule ahead: Please try to plan your time before you start with. Have a close, vigilant look at each topic of the syllabus and figure out what you’re going to do to master it and how. More importantly, fix the time you’d allot for that particular topic. This would give you a clear idea of your journey and help you to gain momentum.

Always study multiple subjects every single day. Plan your day in such a way that you can cover              2 to 3 topics from from the major subjects ( viz, PSM, Medicine, Surgery & Gynecology and            Obstetrics) and a few topics from the remaining subjects.


  • Solve MCQ’s every day: Yes, its a must! With daily practice, your speed would accelerate and you’d develop a fine perception with which you’d be able to answer the questions asked from the topics you didn’t cover directly. Try to keep an MCQ- Practice session daily, for one hour at the least. Always mark the correct answer to ease your revision.

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  • Put maximum effort on PSM & Surgery: These are very high scoring subjects as most of the direct questions come from this zone. So, a mechanical and memory- based study can fetch good score in these subjects. Even the numerical questions can be solved within a few seconds if you optimize your preparation in the right direction.


  • Select the right material: It is absolutely necessary to choose the highest- yielding and optimized study material to cover maximum topics in minimum time so that you get more and more time to revise. So, find the one that suits you the best and do stick to that.



  • Make notes on the study- material itself. It would help you to memorize the topic better since it is quite established that the more senses and activities you involve while studying, better is the remembrance. In addition, it would be saved safely.


  • Start your day early to maximize your study- span. You’d get enough time to complete your daily task and take one step forward.


  • Visualize success: It would boost your confidence and program yourself towards the desired output.

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  • Attempt all: There’s no negative marking in FMGE. So, trust your gut- feeling and do attempt all the questions. There’s nothing to lose! Do not change your answer unless you’re absolutely certain about the changed option.
  • IBQ and Cases : The recent tends suggest that both IBQ’s and Case- based questions tend to come from a certain area. So, the proper resource- material would give you an edge over many. The key is to nurture the analytical ability. Keep browsing the images in different resolutions and always read the question before you jump into the actual case- study


  • Pamper your passion: Reclaim your passion during the early years of the Med School. This would kill the boredom which often slows down your preparation.



‘ Do what you love and love what you do’- that’s the success- mantra!

Remember the more effort you put, better is the yield.

So, start the smart- study right now and stop not until you’re there..

All the best!

We believe in your ability..

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