Why choose wooden toys rather than plastic?


In the market, we find countless toys of very different materials. More than half of them are plastic that includes bright colors to attract the attention of children and their parents. We immediately started to buy them to meet the needs of the little ones, but have you ever stopped to think about what products plastic toys are made of?

As parents, we always look for the best for our children and prefer to opt for toys that provide fun and are didactic. But the fact that toys are not harmful to our children should also play an important role in the purchase decision. In this sense, most plastic toys are manufactured with toxic products such as polyvinyl chloride, phthalates or Bisphenol-A.

The alternative to this problem is found in wooden toys. They are natural, toxic-free elements that preserve the health of children while instilling great values ​​such as respect for the environment. To know more in detail visit poppybabyco.

The value of wooden toys

As we have already mentioned, wood is a natural product to which no chemical compound is added to create wooden toys. This feature allows children to play freely with them because they are highly safe. In this way, parents ensure that their children are “in good hands.” We all know that children love to put things in their mouths, so by not carrying toxic the risk of danger is reduced. In addition, bacteria cannot produce wood. However, with plastic toys, this does not happen.

This advantage is linked to another one of great importance, such as respect for the environment. Wood is a natural and easily recyclable product. The use of wooden toys instills children, as they grow, they need to contribute to the health of the planet while allowing them to get closer to nature.

On the other hand, wooden toys are designed to entertain, distract and stimulate children’s learning. The texture and smell of wood stimulate the senses and invites children to touch, feel and explore with wooden toys.

Another characteristic of wooden toys that plastic ones lack is that they don’t work with batteries. This fact implies the active participation of children when playing with them, so it provides greater freedom and more effectively boosts the different abilities of children such as imagination or reasoning.

Finally, wooden toys are durable and difficult to break, so we will have made a good investment with your purchase while reducing the possibility of children being injured with them.

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