Top 10 FAQs of FMGE Aspirant


Licensing Exam for Foreign Medical Graduates in India is getting tougher day by day. After studying Medicine in foreign countries for more than 5 years, it is really frustrating for the students to see themselves struggling for passing the licensing examination.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by our students:

1.Which subjects are most important for FMGE?

There are 4 Major Subjects, ie, PSM, Medicine, Surgery and Gynaecology & Obstetrics. Rest of the 15 Subjects are usually referred to as Minor Subjects. Very often it is seen that the so called Trend or Pattern is not followed and Questions come from anywhere and everywhere.
So it is wise to cover as much as possible before the final revision.
Subjects like Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, FSM are seen to be very worthy for the last 3 to 4 Exams.

2.How to plan a day for studying?

There should be Two Plans, ie, A long term plan and a Short term plan. The short term plan or your immediate plan should be based on your long-term plan. The long term plan should be designed according to the days left before FMGE and the subjects you need to cover.You should keep aside 1 full Month for the final Revision. There are some Model-plans in our website. If you wish, you can have a look at our 100 day plan.
It will help you to design a plan of your own. Last but not the least,you should be very Realistic and dedicated while planning your day.

3. Is there any particular technique to study?

When it comes to FMGE, skill is as important as knowledge. Skill is developed and further sharpened by Practice. The more you practice MCQ’s, closer you get to your goal. Experts recommend a Daily Practice of MCQ’s along with your regular schedule. Small mock tests, small notes which are handy to carry will aid your preparation and won’t let you feel tiresome. You can take free test from us and make sure you are very much into the study all the time.

4.Should I emphasize the notes more or practising MCQ’s?

It is best to solve the related MCQ’s of the part of notes you read in a regular basis. It helps to comprehend better. Notes are the stepping stones to solve the MCQ’s. Study notes as vividly as you can but make sure your notes are authentic, brief and strictly based on the FMGE-syllabus. Take our online live classes to get the best guidances,

5.Should I study All-Subject-book or Individual/Subject-based books?

Detailed analysis shows that one All-subjects book of MCQs is a must along with the subjectwise books.
If possible, pick up some brief notes instead of books for the subjectwise preparation. It will save lot of time which you can invest for the MCQ’s.

6. I can’t remember anything. What should I do?

Relax. You don’t need to remember everything. What all you need to do is to identify the correct option which is already served in front of you. Keep your spirit high and study in a relaxed mode. Remember, your life is not going to be affected by what the others say or think about you. If you feel tired,demotivated choose small notes and model tests for the time being. Go for the bigger ones once you pick up the pace.

7. It seems that the MCQ’s are new to me even after I have already studied the chapter. Now What I should do?

Intensive preparation of FMGE will make you accustomed with most of the MCQ’s asked in FMGE. please keep your faith on your preparation and do FMGE specific MCQ’s.It will impart a certain concept and Intuition which in turn will help you to solve even those MCQ’s you’re not familiar with. As of now, FMGE June 20 is just 3 months away. So, please keep your moral high.Visualize success as it will help to keep you motivated even subconsciously. To sum up, please keep on practising MCQs as much as you can. If you’re not being able to study at any point, switch on to solving MCQ’s and small notrs.It will freshen your mind to get back to your study.

8. How should I study during the last 15 days before FMGE?

This is the best time to concentrate on the small notes and charts you’ve already made and collected. The Thumb Rule is,’Do Not study anything new at all. Just keep on doing model papers and browse relevant notes on the topics where you’re stuck. Do revise the MCQs previously asked in FMGE. Stay tuned with us for continuous support and materials. If you face problem, please ask us your problem and we will get back to you by clicking the link (colored in blue) or tap Ask Doubt button if you are using the app.

9.How important is it to attempt Mock tests and how many should one go for?

Mock tests play a pivotal role in the preparation of FMGE. The only thing you’ve to do is to make sure that the test is based on FMGE only. Lots of students think that covering a higher or more extensive syllabus/pattern -based tests like those based on NEET-PG, AIIMS, etc would prepare one better for FMGE. But the FMGE-mentors always emphasize on the specific pattern as it trains your brain both consciously and subconsciously. So, please check the type of the mock test before attempting. Usually, 10 Full length Mock tests are essential and extremely helpful for an FMGE-Aspirant. For the small and part-syllabi tests,there’s no fixed number. Take them as and when you want or need. Never push yourself hard and just take them lightly. You will really gain from our free tests which are extremely helpful.
If you don’t know the answer, just check it, note it and remember it as a piece of information and you’re done with!
Please redo the full length mock test once each as it would firm the impression on your mind.

10. How should I prepare for the IBQs ?

Considering the IBQs asked in the previous FMGEs, it is very important to be familiar with the pictures and diagrams given in the Text books even if you don’t read them. Just take the book and flip through the pages,wherever you get a picture,diagram,please take a close look.You can take pictures and store it in your phone for better Revisions.
For Subjects like Dermatology,please make a list of the common diseases and the pictures.Then try to remember the important signs which are hallmarks for particular diseases.It would help you like anything.
Try to approach a disease in many ways.Once you’re done with your text book,you can search the internet for more images for the same diseases. It would further sharpen your skill to solve IBQs.
We will be sharing Images and tricks to practise IBQ’s to help you regularly. Stay tuned with us!

During your journey you can get a lot of materials which hot topics and apt for FMGE. Ask us your personal doubts and get cleared, inform us about your problems and let us know what more you want from us. We are happy to help and serve you to reach your destination.

We offer e-notes, different types of online classes including chapter wise explanation and only MCQ discussions. Check below the banners. For contacting us directly via whatsapp, drop your whatsapp number and we will contact you soon!

We’ll be happy to serve you.
Good Luck!

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