Important Signs of Conditions

COPD Barrel Chest
Pneumonia Greenish Rusty Sputum
Pernicious AnemiaBeefy Red Tongue(Schilling’s Test)
Kawasaki DieasesStrawberry Tongue
Typhoid Rose Spot
Tetany Chvostek Sign, Trosseau’s Sign
Pancreatitis Cullen Sign (Bluish discoloration preumbilical area)
Appendicitis Rovsing Sign, Psoas Sign
Thrombophlebitis Homan’s Sign
Hepatitis Icteric Sclera
Meningitis Burdzinski Sign, Karnig Sign
Pyloric StenosisOlive Shaped Mass
Hyperthyroidism Exopthalmus
Addison’s DiseaseBronze like skin
Cushing SyndromeBoffalo Hump
CholeraRice Watery Stool
SLE Butterfly Rashes
Leprosy Leoning Face
Bulimia NervosaChipmunk Face
Liver CirrhosisSpider Angioma
Asthma Wheezing Inspiration
Down SyndromeSingle Crease on Palm
TOFClubbing of Fingernails, Ventricular Septal Defect, Pulmonary
stenosis, Overriding of Aorta, Right Ventricular Hypertrophy
CataractBlurry Vision / Hizzy Vision
GlucomaTunnel-like Vision
CholecystitisMurphy’s Sign (pain RUQ)
Myasthemia Gravis (MG) Ptosis (inability toopen upper eyelids)
Dengue Petechiae
Parkinson’s DieasePill Rolling Tremors
Measles Koplick’s Spot

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