How often can I take Sildenafil?


Many people suffering through erectile dysfunction question about how often should they take sildenafil? It is because they believe that taking sildenafil will help them in completely recovery through erectile dysfunction. However, it is important for you to know that only the penis is not responsible for erectile dysfunction but your whole body. The erection issues don’t arise due to some problems with the penis but your other organs may be. For example, if the heart is not pumping blood with enough pressure, it may fail to reach into the thin capillaries of the penis. Similarly, if there is fat accumulated into your blood vessels, they may cause restrictions in the blood flow. In fact, there could be any reason for it that may be triggering the erectile dysfunction. Before you know how often you need sildenafil, you should know that sex involves your whole body.

Therefore, before deciding on a particular amount of sildenafil to take, identifying the reason behind erectile dysfunction. There are chances that you’re suffering through some other issue and curing it resolve erection issues. However, if you still think that you should take sildenafil, then read out the following.

Can I hide erectile dysfunction to avoid medicine? [What are the serious causes of Erectile dysfunction]

The answer is, No. If you are having erection issues, there is no way to hide it from your partner. You can’t say “No” to her every time whenever she needs you for the intimacy. Otherwise, it would badly affect your sexual as well as interpersonal relationship. You can no longer hold her with you until discussing your ED issues with her and treating it all together.

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What is sildenafil and why do I need it?

Sildenafil is an active compound in Viagra which is the best medicine for treating erectile dysfunction. Thus, you should not confuse sildenafil with Viagra as both are the same. It is basically the first medicine that helped the men with this issue and still everyone’s favorite. The main reason why everyone’s like it or give it the first preference is its effectiveness for ED. However, you should never go for medications as a first preference. Instead, always try out natural and healthy ways to treat erectile dysfunction. For example, you can try diet changes to treat this issue. For example, you may start eating more fruits and vegetables to help your body in improving blood supply and erection. You may also try involving in physical activity or various exercises to treat it. however, if none of these work for you alone, you may also start medication along with these. For this purpose, you can try sildenafil which is the best for resolving erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil strengths and dosage instructions

There are commonly three powers/strengths in sildenafil from which you can choose the best for you. These three include 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. If you are taking it for the first time, start with the lowest strength. Don’t take it in higher strengths if the least one works for you. At the same time, take it almost 30 minutes before the sexual activity to see the best results. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t exceed to once per day limit of sildenafil to avoid any side effects.

When it comes to whether sildenafil or Viagra is safe or not, you must know that it is the same to use. However, you may feel some minor side effects in some cases such as headaches, dizziness, vision issues, etc. You may buy it from ozmedsonline that are the best dealers for erectile dysfunction medications. To buy online medicine from them, you can visit their website to place an order.

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