Benefits of Yoga Exercise Trikonasana


Trikonasana, also known as triangle pose, is a basic asana used in yoga. It stretches and develops the hips, shoulders and waist. Besides, Trikonasana is also beneficial in strengthening and lengthening the hamstrings and groin. The Sanskrit word for “triangle” is “trikona”, while the word for “asana” is “asana”. Basic Pose is so named because your body forms a triangle when you place your lower arms on the ground and support your feet. There are many variations on the Trikonasana step or technique. Viddha Trikonasana, Parivarta Trikonasana and Uttarita Trikonasana are generally its three types.

Benefits of Trikonasana

Increases stability 

Trikonasana is a stretching position that emphasizes the spine. Your back becomes stronger and the range of motion of your spine improves. This triangle pose yoga pose improves your posture while toning your leg muscles. Yoga postures like Trikonasana can strengthen, stretch and tone the muscles of the arms, shoulders and core while massaging the internal organs. Trikonasana benefits your physical health by strengthening your core.

Extends and lengthens the spine. 

Trikonasana increases flexibility by stretching the muscles of both the upper and lower parts of your body. Triangle posture, done by bending both the sides of the body together, increases the flexibility of the spine and significantly reduces back pain. By exercising daily you can live a back pain free life. 

Opens the hips and shoulders. 

Trikonasana frees up shoulder and hip flexibility, improves mobility and reduces the chance of injury. To get equal benefit from this position to the right and left hips, do it from both the sides. Triangle posture yoga can also benefit the spine. If performed correctly, it properly aligns the shoulders and gives them ideal shape.

Stimulate your internal organs. 

Trikonasana benefits the upper and middle body, which can stimulate the digestive system and increase metabolism. Parivatra Trikonasana provides relief to the laterally bent leg muscles. Twisting improves reproductive function because the pelvic floor muscles work more effectively. This Trikon Mudra yoga position also has health benefits apart from reducing menstrual symptoms. When done consistently, Trikonasana is beneficial in relieving your menstrual cramps. It stimulates and circulates blood flow throughout the veins and body, reducing the chance of blockage or stroke.

Reduces Stress 

The lower back, where some people carry their stress, can be targeted by Triangle Pose. It reduces anxiety, and this pose can help relieve that stress and lead to a more stable mental state. Practicing asanas daily helps in reducing internal stress and anxiety. Your hormones relax, and happiness hormones are produced, making you feel good and smile.

Keeps the adrenal glands active

This asana keeps the adrenal gland strong and active. Because the instructions read in Actali Nalkali may cause high blood pressure and pain in the digestive system for some reason. Appetite may decrease and lethargy may occur. As a result, the asana should be done daily.

Helps to grow taller

 People who want to grow taller can benefit from this asana. Boys and girls will benefit greatly from exercise till the age of 25 years. 

Resolves seasonal problems

This asana is highly political for issues related to menstruation or seasons. Other than this, this asana is also playing an important role in the protection of our reproductive glands.

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