6 Things To Do To Avoid Pimple/Acne

  1. Keep your Face Clean: Twice daily wash with warm water and mild facial cleanser. But keep in mind not to wash too often which may ultimately dry your face too much.
  2. Moisturize: After cleaning the face, you should moisturize the face to prevent extreme dryness.
  3. Keep your hair Clean: Oily hair may cause the excess hair on the scalp to reach the facial skin and may and can worsen the situation. So, always try to keep your hair clean.
  4. Do not Always Pinch or Touch the Face: Pinching or touching the face all the time may cause the bacteria to spread from hands to face. This may cause pimple or acne to increase
  5. Foods: If you really suffer from acne or pimple then choose your foods wisely. Oily and greasy foods may worsen the condition and green vegetables, fruits and whole grains may make the condition better or atleast will not allow to worsen it.
  6. Cheers: Make your self free from stress and some exercise may help you to do so.

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All these are those ways of prevention acne or pimples which you can do at your home. But if acne or pimples get serious with you, in turn, you have to become serious with treatment and hence visiting a doctor will suffice. In some, hormonal treatment is done with increased testosterone (male hormone).

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