What to do to get rid of Conjunctivitis Virus


Prevalence of eye diseases is increasing in the country. This disease is called conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is an eye disease. This disease is mainly viral and contagious. 

Eye infections are usually caused by viruses and bacteria. Many times this disease is also caused due to allergies. The prevalence of this disease is higher during the season when the air is more humid. 

This disease is usually spread through contact. For example: The disease is spread if other people use things (towels, towels, handkerchiefs) used by the patient. It is also spread through hand-to-eye contact (touching eyes without washing hands). That is, if someone touches things used by an infected patient without washing their hands.

Usually the disease gets better within 7 to 10 days. However, for some it may take up to 15 days.

Ways to avoid conjunctivitis

Usually the disease gets cured immediately. If needed, artificial tears, antibiotic drops can be used according to the dosage. However, in that case, it should be used with the advice of an ophthalmologist. Do not scratch your eyes with your hands. Get steroid drops from a drugstore. But if such drops are given in large quantities, there is a possibility of developing complications in the eyes. For example: There is a risk of developing glaucoma. Do not buy any drops yourself from the drugstore. Doctors give steroid drops to some patients after understanding their condition.

When should you see a doctor?

If one has cloudy eyes, excessive keratoses or blurred vision, it is best to consult an ophthalmologist. Treatment of this disease is the same for children and adults. However, since children cannot express their emotions properly, it is better to consult a doctor in such situations. In such a situation one should go to the doctor. In very rare cases, the patient’s eyes also begin to bleed. In such a situation, you should immediately consult a doctor. In general, if the eyes are red and watery, it is better to wait 7 days. If you are not well even at this time, you can go to the doctor.

To avoid this, sprinkle water frequently. If you have conjunctivitis, show your cruel hand to people on Facebook. Do not touch infected towel, towel or handkerchief. The infected should move forward if possible. Flash your symbol directly at hand when a borderline infected connection comes up.

Which medicine will cure this disease quickly?

Homoeopathic medicines work well in conjunctivitis. Reduces severity and duration of illness. In other words, if the medicine is applied as soon as the infection is felt, the eye will be cured in two-one days instead of seven-eight days. The discomfort and pain subside significantly within a few hours of the first dose.

In case of eye twitching, if there is a sign of onset of infection – five to seven tablets of Sulphur 200 can be taken for two consecutive days. Infections and allergies are controlled very quickly. Along with this, tears should also be brought to the eyes. Three to four doses of the medicine are sufficient for children. Sulphur 200 can be consumed if there is even the slightest sign of eye infection. no side effects.

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