Types of Epithelium


1.Urinary Bladder: Transitional Epi.
2. Gall bladder: Columnar Epi.(Brush Border)
3. Alveoli of Lungs,Mesothelium of Pleura,Peritoneum,
Pericardium, Endothelium of Heart & Blood Vessels:
Simple Squamous Epi.
4. Lining of Thyroid Follicles,Germinal Epi. Of Ovary: Simple Cuboidal Epi.
5. Lining of Stomach,Intestine: Simple Columnar Epi.
6. Fallopian Tubes,Uterus,Osseous Part of Eustachean Tubes: Ciliated Simple Columnar Epi.
7. Epidermis of Skin,External Ear,External Nose: Keratinized Stratified Squamous Epi.
8. Esophagus,Tongue,True Vocal Cord,Cornea,Tonsil,Vagina(Lining): Non-keratinized Stratified Squamous Epi.
9. Calyces,Ureters,Urinary Bladder,Male Urethra: Transitional Epi.
10. Epithelial Lining of Nasal Cavity,Nasal Ear Sinuses,Nasopharynx,Larynx,
Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar Epi.

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