Joints: Most Important Points for FMGE


1.Type of Joint in Growth plate: Primary Cartilaginous Jt
2.Hip Jt. & Knee Jt. Innervation: Obturator n.
3.Chief Extensor of Knee Jt.: Quad.femoris
4.Inf. Tibio-fibular Jt. (Type): Syndesmosis
5.Ankle Jt.(Asso. Ligament): Deltoid Ligament
6.Knee Jerk(Root Value): L2,L3,L4 (*L234)
7.Post. Hip Dislocation – Injured n.;Sciatic n.
8.Hyperextension of Hip-Prevented by Iliofemoral Ligament(IFL)
= Y-Ligament=Ligament of Bigelow
=Ligament of Bertin
9.Flexor of the Trunk: R.abdominis
10.Abduction of Hip: G.(med. + min.)
11.Abduction of Thigh: G. min.
12.Flexion of Knee: Hamstrings
13.Extension of knee: Quadriceps
14.Flexor of Hip: Iliopsoas
15.Temporomandibular Jt.(TMJ): Condylar Jt.
16.Actions of Lumbricals: Flexion @ MCP Jt.
Extension @ IP Jt.
17.Dorsiflexion & Plantarflexion of Foot-Site: Ankle Jt.

18. Neck:Nodding Movt.- Site:Atlanto-occipital Jt.
19.Neck:Rotational Movt.-Site:Atlanto-axial Jt.
20.Ankle Jerk:Root Value: S1
21.Extensor of Hip Jt.: G.maximus
22.Main Jt. Of Lat.Longitudinal Arch: Calcaneo-cuboid Jt.
23.Movt. @ Subtalar Jt.: Inversion & Eversion
24.Pisiform Articulates with Triquetral
25.Flexor of the Lumbar Vertebral Column: R.abdominis
26.Movt. Of the Shoulder Jt. ,affected by Axillary n. Injury: Abduction
27.Abduction & Adduction of Foot-Site: Mid-tarsal & Metatarsophalangeal Jt.s
28.Quadratus lumborum:
Both Contracting together-Extension of Trunk
One side Muscle Contracting-Flexion of Trunk
29.Inferior Tibio-fibular Jt: Syndesmosis
30.External Rotation of Hip: Q.femoris
31.Lateral Rotation of Hip: Piriformis
32.1st Carpo-metacarpal Jt.: Saddle/ Sellar Jt.
33.Sup.Radio-ulnar Jt.: Pivot Jt
34.Atlanto-axial Jt.: Pivot Synovial Jt.
35.Hip Jt. & Shoulder Jt. : Spheroidal Jt.
36.Shrugging of the Shoulder Jt.: Trapezius m.
37.Sterno-chondoral Jt.: Primary Cartilaginous Jt.
38.Intercarpal Jt.: Plane
39.Incudo-malleolar Jt.: Saddle Jt.
40.Most Movable Jt.: Shoulder Jt.

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