Allergic Rash: You Can’t Believe These Can Give You


  • Drugs or Medications

Drugs are chemicals which may be easily sensitive towards some persons. The best way to detect this cause is that you can observe rash few minutes to few hours after taking the medicine. Generally, drug induced rashes are purple, red or discolored. Anywhere it can appear including inside the mouth. Mostly antibiotics, NASAIDs, vaccines are the drugs that are most likely to give skin rash.

  • Foods

Foods that cause skin rash include shellfish, nuts, egg, wheat, soy, etc. Although, the list is very big and it varies from person to person. Some persons are allergic to some foods. This is different topic as I am talking about the foods that can give you rash. It may happen, a particular food may give you rash and not to another person. So, you can tell better which can give you rash. Above are the most common ones.

  • Cholinergic Stress

This means excessive cholinergic signaled activities like sweating during exercise, staying in heated environment, emotional stress.

  • Weather Induced

It includes both cold and hot weather. Most affected by cold induced rash are Young adults, between 18 to 25 years. Severe reactions can be seen due to cold water due to massive discharge of a chemical in our body, called histamine. This results not only in rash, but also in low blood pressure, fainting and shock.

In case of hot weather, tiny raised spot appear raised and they cause a prickling sensation on the skin. This rash mainly caused by sweating that block the pores. It primarily occurs in neck, chest, thighs, face and back. There are some powders in the market which mainly absorb the sweat and help to retain and release the pores. Otherwise do not any other powder because it may cause more problems by blocking the pores.

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Apart from all these mentioned above, they may be caused by virus like common cold virus and also by insect bites.

In daily lives, a person with this kind of rash may take Antihistamine class of medicine like Cetrizine, Loratadine etc.

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