A huge number of students are heart-broken after the FMGE 2020 has been postponed.

Many of them are feeling lost & aimless for the time being. ‘ Its no worth studying now because if I start memorising now,I will definitely forget it by the time the Exam comes..everything I studied till now went in vein’.. that’s what they’re feeling now. Well, let me tell you..this vacuum is pretty natural and common. But those who can make the best out of the worst are called Champions!

Pause for a while and just give it a rational thought because that’s exactly what you need..Its you and only you who can refuel yourself.

Don’t you think you’re blessed like anything? Trust me, its a boon in disguise. You got an extra couple of months to sharpen your skill. Isn’t it amazing?!

Now the point is how to make the best of it. Being a Foreign Graduate, I would like to request you to be a little more composed before chalking out the revised plan. Make a list of all the Subjects(19) and check which subject(s) you haven’t been able to cover completely. Mark the Subjects and focus on that/those for one more month. In case, you find you’re strong in all of them, take the 4 Major Subjects as your Present Project. You can afford to devote one more month for them . After that , Revision should dominate.

One more thing I’d like to suggest is to update and upgrade your Target. Yes, you’ve hard it right! For example, if you feel you’re prepared enough, by now, to score 155-160, change it to 180 now. It works wonder to motivate to put your best on. It provides a reason to work even harder.

There are lots of rumors and baseless speculations like, ‘ FMGE is going to be lot easier this time’, ‘FMGE will be the toughest this time as they now have more time to frame the questions’.. Remember, these are Rumors only. I strongly believe that no sensible person can have the slightest faith on these but as I go back to the time when I was preparing for FMGE, I do realize how distracting these sort of rumors were! It kind of ruins you. It is potent enough to waste many of your study- hours.

Just stay focused on your updated goal and keep on working on it. From Mid- June onwards, start your Final Revision, irrespective of what you’d cover till then. There’s a very popular myth that one needs to study for 16 hours a day in order to crack FMGE. Well, it might be true for some or quite a lot of people but surely is not a must for all! I do believe that a well planned 8-10 hour-study can be good enough to fetch the desired result. Don’t stress yourself and enjoy your study. Visualize Success as it helps to program your Subconscious mind which, in turn, helps you to stay focused for a longer time.

Plan your day well in advance and if possible make a ‘To Do- List’. Tick or Strike off the Tasks you’ve done. Nothing feels better than that!

Keep atleast half an hour a day for practising MCQ’s. It keeps your feet firmly grounded.

Please make sure that you cover the Short Subjects very well because very straight Questions are  usually asked from the short subjects. Students often tend to miss them since they’re always busy and worried with the Major Subjects where the conceptual and complex Questions come from.

Always try to score high in Paper 1 of FMGE. This will make your job a lot easier.

Try to stay as relaxed as possible while taking the actual FMGE.  Constantly comfort and console yourself. Tell yourself, ‘ You can do it’.. ‘ Don’t will be fine’.. This will boost you up even you face a bad patch in the exam. Do not leave any question unanswered.

And last but not the least, please do not change any Answer unless you’re 100 % sure that you did a silly mistake while marking it on the first go.

Having said all these, I’d like to request you to stay tuned to your studies irrespective of whatever odds you face. Remember, this is the last hurdle of your Student-life. You might be taking many more Entrance-Exams for your Post-graduate Degree/Diploma / Licensing Exams of other Countries but all those would be optional and will add more feathers to your crown whereas FMGE itself would be your Crown to hold those feathers and gems!

Do feel free to contact Team Medblog18 whenever you need any kind of assistance. We’re always there to help you and its absolutely free!

Good Luck with your Studies!

Good Luck with your Exams!

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