Crack PSM: High Yield Topics for FMGE


This is the high yield topics in PSM. If you can go through these topics, there is high probability that PSM will be in your favour this time.

  1. Definition: Sensitivity, Specificity, Incidence, Prevalence, Levels of Prevention, Cohort Study, Case-control Study, Cross-sectional Study, Environmental Study, Rate, Ratio, Proportion, Sentinnel Surveillance, IMR, MMR, NRR, GRR, CPR, CFR, RR, OR, SAR, Meta-analysis, Index Case, Primay Case
  2. Vaccine: (1) Live & Killed vaccines
    (2)All about BCG.MMR, Rabies, Y.Fever, Polio, Meningococcal Vaccine, Hep-B
    (3)Vaccination Schedule/Chart
    (4)Side Effect of Polio Vaccination
    (5)Vaccines Contraindicated in Pregnancy and Immunocompromised states
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3. Communicable & Non-communicable Diseases:
(A) Vectors: Plague, Dengue, Scrub-typhus, KFD, Hard Tick, JE, YF, Rickettsial diseases
(B) Causative Agents for Rickettsial Fever, Kalaazar, Typhus, Oriental Sore, RMSF
(C) Important Diseases:Measles, Mumps, YF, Rabies, Chicken Pox, Neonatal Tetanus
(D) Concept of:Incubation Period, Infectivity, Quarantine Period, Latent Period, Window Period,
Convalescent Period, Relapse, Isolation
(E) WHO-Notifiable Diseases
(F) Pulse-Polio-Programme and the Present Status of India, Present strategy
(G) Prevention of Hypertension and CHD
(H) International Health Regulation, eg. TB, Treatment Protocol & Drug Therapy of TB
(I) Iceberg Phenomenon & Related Diseases

4. Demography: Definition:IMR, Perinatal Mortality Rate, Total Fertility Rate, Maternal Mortality, Rate, Eligible Couple, Sex-Ratio, Growth Rate and Phase, HDI, PQLI, SRS
*Criteria for Baby at Risk
*%-age of Urban & Rural Population in India

5. Nutrition: WHO-Growth Chart, Standard Male & Female, BMI & Obesity-related ranges, Waist Circumference, Arm Circumference, Breast Milk Vs Cow Milk, Vitamin Deficiency and Dosages, Hypervitaminosis, Egg, NPU, RDA for men, women, children, Pregnant women and Lactating Women, Midday meal programme and detailed description, National Programmes for Prevention of Nutritional Blindness, ORS-compositions of different types of ORS.

6. Environment & Sanitation: Chlorination of water, Fluoride Content of water, Qualities of Drinking Water, Nalgonda Technique, Biological Indicators of Water Pollution, Hard & Soft Water, Criteria for Problem Village.

7. Healthcare: Primary Healthcare-goals & policies, Subcentre;CHC;PHC-ALL criteria, Doctors & Nurses to Population Ratio, Major National Health Policies & goals, MDG, Health guides-male & Female, ASHA, Anganwadi worker, MPH, TBA, Janani Suraksha Yojana, Different committees( Shrivastava, Bhore, Mukherjee, Chadda, etc), Registrations of Marriage, birth, death.

8. Biostatistics: Mean, Median, Mode, Pie chart, Chi square test, Normal Distribution Curve, Standard Deviation.

9. Contraception: Different methods for men & women, best method, most popular method, Choice of contraceptive in different age & states, Pearl Index, Side effects and Contraindications of different contraceptives, Noncontraceptive benefits of contraceptives, Couple Protection rate

10. Communication: Panel, Group, Seminar, Symposium, Oneway & Bothway communications.

11. Miscellaneous: Factory act, ESI-Act, RTI-Act, MTP-Act, Minimum sperm count, Disaster mgmt, Triage, Reverse-Triage, Clinical Trial, Waste mgmt-Different categories & color-coding, color coding for kits of medicines, Criteria for specifying Blindness, Pathognomonic signs of different diseases, Death Certificate, Occupational diseases-Pneumoconiosis, Different Healt oranizations along with there logo(for IBQ’S) & Head quarters.

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