Side Effects and Benefits of Energy Drinks


Hey Folks! Welcome back to our blog. Do you drink energy drinks? Before drinking it, you should have knowledge of energy drink consumption. In this article, you will get to know detailed information on the pros and cons of drinking energy drinks.

First let us understand the reasons to take an initiative to quit energy drinks, later we will see how we will benefit from it.

Side-Effects of Overconsumption of Energy Drinks:

  1. It leads to insomnia. As we already know, consumption of energy drinks helps you to stay awake during exams but overconsumption leads to lack of sleep which leads to drowsiness and less concentration during the day.
  2. Overuse of energy drinks cause consistent headaches that later become very severe.
  3. Due to the addiction to Energy drinks, you may feel the lack of concentration during work.
  4. Excessive use of Energy Drinks leads to anxiety and jitters. It can cause emotional problems that affect the social and personal life of an individual.
  5. The person may want to do high-risk activities when they consume an energy drink, that may end them up behind the bars.
  6. It may lead to heart problems. This happens in a few people who do not have healthy hearts.
  7. As it contains a high amount of sugars, it can impair the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. It can result in Type-2 diabetes.
  8. The ingredients of energy drink can interfere with the medications that a person is prescribed; that leads to serious consequences.
  9. A person may be allergic to ingredients in the energy drink that causes allergic reactions; if not treated immediately may lead to the death of the person.
  10. Overconsumption of Energy Drinks may cause vomiting.

Benefits of Quitting Energy Drinks:

  1. Better Health: Quitting Energy drinks will help in better absorption of nutrients leading to better health.
  2. Better Mood: Avoiding energy drinks leads to reduced anxiety, maintains the hormone levels and elevates the mood.
  3. Better Sleep: Energy Drinks ruin the sleep. Stopping their consumption implies a better sleep.
  4. Break the Addiction: Energy Drinks are said to be highly addictive. By avoiding them, you control and break your addiction.
  5. Caffeine Will Work Again: If you get used to it, the tolerance level decreases. It won’t work when it has to. Having energy drinks sparingly is acceptable.
  6. Cleaner Environment: As we reduce the consumption of energy drinks, there will be fewer cans or bottles in the dump. Leading to a cleaner environment.
  7. Convenience: Reduced use of energy drinks lead to a lot of convenience; life becomes much easier.
  8. Decreased Anxiety: Excess energy drinks make you do stuff you were not even intending to do. Reduce in energy drinks leads to a decrease in anxiety.
  9. Fewer Headaches: Reduction in the consumption of energy drinks causes fewer headaches and migraines.
  10. Fewer Trips to the Bathroom: Excess use of energy drinks cause a person to use the bathroom repeatedly. In the worst case, it can lead to loss of bladder control, a condition called incontinence.
  11. Financial Savings: By avoiding the energy drinks, you can save a lot of money, considering how expensive most drinks are.
  12. Healthier Diet: The fake sugars in the energy drink makes you to eat more. As the consumption of these decreases, you will see that you start eating healthy.
  13. Healthier Teeth: The energy drinks have a high amount of sugars and acids. Reducing the consumption of these make your teeth healthier.
  14. Increased Productivity: Productivity increases as a person saves time by not standing in queue for buying them, taking breaks from work to have a drink, etc.
  15. Less Risk of Cardiac Events: Energy drinks stimulate heart muscles, causing increased palpitations, which may result in cardiac arrests.
  16. Lower Blood Pressure: Eliminating energy drinks from your routine can help maintain the blood pressure in a consistent manner.
  17. No More Jitters: Excess drinking of energy drinks causes jitters and shaky hands in people. By avoiding energy drinks, you eliminate this problem.
  18. Possible Drug Interactions: Caffeine in energy drinks can react with the medications that you take and it does not let them work as they should.
  19. Reduced Type 2 Diabetes Risk: The sugary drinks cause diabetes in people; the people already having diabetes can experience worse conditions.
  20. Weight Loss: Studies show that excessive energy drink consumption leads to weight gain. The adverse of it leads to a consistent weight loss.

Bottom line:

An alternative to an energy drink is a cup of coffee. Staying hydrated always is very beneficial in all ways, it also does not let you feel fatigued. For boosting the energy, you can substitute the energy drink with a glass of milk or fresh juices.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is quitting consumption if energy drinks worth it?
    1. Yes, it is. Once you quit the consumption, you adapt to a healthy lifestyle.
  2. How can I flush the effect of energy drinks?
    1. Drink excess water, exercise for a while, drink some green tea; these tips surely will help.

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