Crack Forensic & Toxicology: High Yield Topics for FMGE


If you can cover these topics, you are set for Forensic and Toxicology in this coming FMGE

  1. Definition/ Concept of : Inquest; Types of Inquest; Subpoena; Conduct Money; Perjury; Dying Declaration; Dying Deposition; Exhumation; Expert Witness; Privileged Communication; Professional Negligence; Corpus delecti; Res ipsa loquitor; Covering; Entry & Exit wounds & Exception; Cafe coronary; Cephalic Index; Throttling; Strangulation; Asphyxa & its types; Compos mentis
  2. Some important IPC’s
  3. Difference between Contusion & Abrasion
  4. The duties of Police, Magistrae, Dy.Magistrate
  5. Burn: Rule of 9; Early & Late Cause of Death due to Burn; Antemortem & Postmortem burns
  6. Death: Definition; Signs of Death- Early & Late; Events after Death & duration- Variation with Seasons & Places; 1st & Last organs to undergo the changes/ events.
  7. Hanging: Platform, Actual Constricting/ acting Force; COD in Hanging; Antemortem & Post-mortem Hanging and signs to distinguish between the two; Judicial Hanging; Ligature
  8. Drowning: Types; MC type; Tests & Signs to distinguish between Wet & Dry Drowning
  9. Autopsy: Definition; Protocols(Outlines); Pattern of Incisions given
  10. Identification: Different method; Most reliable method; Teeth eruption; Finger Printing
  11. Pregnancy: Signs; Confirmatory Signs; MTP; IUD- Signs; Suspicious Pregnancy
  12. Toxicology: Common Poisons & their Antidotes; Gastric Lavage & its contraindication; Diwali poison; Gun-powder
    *Signs & Symptoms( characteristic findings) in case of the following Poisoning/ abuse:
    As; Hg; Pb; Cocaine; Opiates; Carbolic acid; Sulphuric acid
    * Withdrawal symptoms; substances causing WS & those that do not cause WS
    * Universal antidote
    *Snake venoms & their Types( Hemolytic, Neurotoxic etc), Antivenom
  13. Miscellaneous: Smokeless Powder; Tandem bullets; Dirt-collar; Dermal Nitrate Test; Bruise & its color-changes along with reasons & Time-lines; Dactylography; cheiloscopy; Types of Finger-print patterns & MC Types; Different Tests to identify Blood, Human-Blood, Semen.

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