Best hospital in Vellore (CMC hospital)


Vellore is a district city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. People from different parts of the country and abroad come here for treatment. There are many hospitals in this Vellore city, but people mainly prefer two hospitals here, these two hospitals are – 

Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMC Hospital) 

2. Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Center Vellore most people go to these two for their treatment. Although the name of the hospital and these hospitals are private, the cost is relatively low.

However, among these two hospitals, CMC Hospital has the highest demand. But according to me, if you come from outside for treatment of any serious disease, then get treatment at CMC hospital. 

CMC Hospital

This hospital is best for those who have time and patience. The quality and service of this hospital is world class. It is a non-profit hospital run by Christian missionaries. How to get treatment in CMC hospital.

CMC Hospital Appointment

All patients must make an appointment with a doctor before seeing a doctor or undergoing treatment. CMC Hospital doctors appointments can be taken both offline and online. 

Offline Appointment

To take an offline appointment, if you go to CMC Hospital New Appointment Department and tell your problem, the management sir or madam will refer you to the doctor of the required department as per your disease.

Online Appointment

Go to the official website of CMC Hospital and apply for the appointment by knowing the name of the doctor of the required department as per the disease. Apply for this online appointment at least 1 month before coming to Vellore. 

There are mainly two types of appointments at CMC Hospital, namely – 

General Appointments

In general appointments, you will be seen by junior doctors. You will receive this general appointment within 1 to 5 days. 

Private Appointment: 

In case of a private appointment you will be seen by a senior doctor. It takes 3 to 30 days to get this personal appointment. Personal appointment is best for better quality treatment. Considering the overcrowding rate at this hospital, it is wise to book an appointment online. By taking an online appointment, you will know your appointment date at home and accordingly you will reach the hospital and the treatment will start on arrival and you will be able to go home quickly. Because longer waiting times mean higher costs. 

Required Documents

Voter Card, Aadhaar Card and all your disease documents and reports or tests done before you come here. In addition, the certificate of taking the corona vaccine.

Chris Card

Chris Card is David Card of CMC Hospital. If you don’t want to carry money, deposit the specified amount at the designated counter in the hospital and load it on the CRIS card. You can pay all hospital expenses with this Chris card. Later you can withdraw the remaining amount which is not spent.

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