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2. All of these exhibits Herd Immunity except:


3. For Cohort study Not True is:


4. In a Community,More False Positive Cases implies that the Disease has:


5. Sentinel Surveilance is used for:


6. True Negative Reflects which of the following:


7. Changes in the Occurence of a Disease,shown over a  Long Period of time is termed as:


8. Health Promotion falls into which of the folowing Levels of Prevention:


9. A newly formulated Drug can neither Prevent nor cure a particular disease but can significantly reduce the Mortality due to that disease. It would result in which of the following:


10. For CAD, Primodial Prevention includes:


11. Kuppuswamy’s Scale does not include:


12. Which of the following is the Least Common type of Pevis:


13. The Shortest Diameter of the Pelvic Outlet is:


14. In Cephalic  Presentation,the MC type of the Presenting Part is:


15. Which of the folLowing is a contraindication of External Cephalic Version (ECV):


16. The Average Weight gain during Pregnancy is:


17. Regarding Placenta previa which of the following is Not True:


18. Which of the following Cardiac Problems is MC in Pregnancy:


19. Fetal Abnormalities can be best diagnosed by USG during:


20. Pregnancy is  Strongly discouraged in which of the following conditions:


21. Triad of Ectopic Pregnancy does not include:


22. Rule of nine is associated with which of the following:


23. For the Resuscitation of a Burn Case Fluid of choice would be:


24. Which of the following is not True for the Fluid Resuscitation of a Burn Patient:


25. Which of the following would be the Most Probable Cause Of Death for a Burn Patient who died within 24 Hrs of Burn:


26. The Most Probable cause of death in a Patient with severe burn is:


27. Buerger’s Disease most commonly affects which of the following blood vessels:


28. Which of the following would be the IOC for a Hemodynamically unstable Patient with a Penetrating Injury to the Abdomen:


29. Crush Syndrome leads to:


30. Thrombophlebitis migrans is seen in:


31. Gallstones are not associated with:


32. Hodgkin’s Disease is Most Commonly presented with:


33. Which of the following is the Diagnostic Test for DIC?


34. Which of the following is the cut off percentage of the Blast Cell for Acute Leukemia?


35. Which of the following is the most important cause of CAD?


36. Which of the following can determine the severity of Mitral Stenosis:


37. Duration in which the Myocardium ruptures after a Myocardia Infarction:


38. Which of the following is represented by Cannon ‘a’ waves in JVP:


39. Split S1 is associated with which of the following:


40. Which of the following Murmurs can be heard in Aortic Regurgitation:


41. Which of the following is associated with Pulsus alternans:


42. Bruise becomes Greenish by


43. Which of the following is not an example of Grievous Injury:


44. Black Gun Powder is composed of all of the following Except:


45. In IPC,Section 321 is associated with which of the following:


46. Below which Age a Child can not be held Guilty legally:


47. In India,MTP can be done legally upto


48. A Death Sentence can be Issued by:


49. Personal Identification is Best Established by:


50. Which of the following is associated with the Adduction Fracture of Hyoid:


51. In which of the following organs Rigor mortis appears last:


52. Which of the following is associated with Delirium tremens:


53. Long term Maintenance of Opioid Addiction is done by:


54. How many days after Alcohol Withdrawal,Delirium trremens can be found:


55. In Schizophrenia,the MC Hallucination is:


56. Catatonia is a Category of which of the following:


57. Which of the following aspects is disordered in Delusion:


58. Which of the following Side effects is Most commonly seen in case of Lithium;


59. In India,the MC Symptom of Depression is:


60. The Cut off Level of IQ for Severe Mental Retardation:


61. Which of the following words also means Panic Attack:


62. The time when the 1st Polar body is extruded is:


63. Which of the following structure gives rise to Cervix:


64. Which of the following Embryonic Structure forms the Lower Part of the Vagina:


65. The vessels forming the Umbilical Cord are:


66. Which of the following structures forms Ligamentum arteriosum


67. Which of the following is an Adult Remnant of the Umbilical Vein:


68. Peyer’s Patches can be observed in:


69. The Upper Triangular Space contains


70. Which of the following rerpresents the Root value of the Radial N:


71. Which of the following bones contains No Medullary Cavity:


72. Which of the following equals the Normal pH of Human Blood:


73. Which of the following is considered as the Normal Bilirubin of the Human Body:


74. Which of the following Clotting Factors does not undergo Carboxylation under the influence of Vitamin K:


75. If a person is at rest,the blood flow will be maximum in :


76. Which of the following vessels are also known as Capacitence vessels


77. Which of the following sites synthesizes Oxytocin:


78. From which of the following sites AVP is released:


79. Which of the following Factors is known to Promote GH-Formation:


80. Which of the following Sites is known to Produce Cortisol:


81. Lactation is suppressed by:


82. Which of the following contains Molybdenum:


83. AST is also known as:


84. Maple Syrup Urine Disease(MSUD) is caused due to defect in which of the following Enzymes:


85. In the Brain,Ammonia is Detoxified by which of the following Substances:


86. In Wheat,the Limiting Amino acid -pair is:


87. In which of the following Conditions Ochronosis can be seen:


88. Non-protein Amino acid is:


89. Amino acid that can act as a Blood Buffering Agent is:


90. Alpha Helix can be classifed as which of the following Types of Protein Structure:


91. Which of the following Substances prevents the Wrong Folding of Proteins:


92. Which of the following Factors is responsible for Diabetic Gangrene:


93. Virchow’s Triad includes All Except:


94. Epitheloid granuloma is chiefly composed of:


95. Which of the following Genes is not a Tumor-suppressor:


96. In which of the following Sites Metastatic Calcification can be seen:


97. An AIDS Patient,on Lymph Node Biopsy,will present with:


98. Which of the following Stains is used to identify Amyloid:


99. Fat Necrosis is Not seen at:


100. A Tumour-Suppressor Gene is:


101. Which of the following Markers is used to identify Colon Carcinoma:


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