Crack Radiology: High Yield Topics for FMGE



 In general

  1. Initial Investigations (specially Respiratory and Cardiological diseases)                                 
  2. IOC (Investigation of Choice)                                                           
  3. Gold Standards investigations      
  4. All signs that can be found in X-Ray, CT, USG.
  5. Fractures and their managements. Also Healing of Fracture with respective time duration
  6. Images of X-Ray (specially respiratory conditions) and CT (specially abdominal conditions)                                     

  Abdominal Diagnosis:

Characteristic Radio diagnostic Features of——
  • Coartation of Aorta
  • Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Aspergillosis
  • Bubble Sign: Double B, Tripple B.
  • IOC for – Echinococcosis , Amoebic Liver abcess
Radiological Signs & Differences— Scurvy & Rickets.
  • Thumbprint Sign →Preferred for Organic Diseases, Adducted sign.
  • CNS :
  • MRI vs CT -Scan, (Advantage & Disadvantage),  ( which is good for DS:Calcification)
  • Sub arachnoids Hemorrhage.
  • Signs of Thalassemia.
  •  Peripheral Angiography : Supressed Route, Name and Technique.
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Radio therapy

  1. Radio Sensitive & Radio —
  2. Cells
  3. Tissues
  4. Organ
  5. Tumors
  6. Compares between —    £ ß Ý Radiation→ Most hazardous, most powerful, most/least penetration.
  7. Particles used in different scan–PET, CT, MRI.
  8.  Radio Isotopes—Thyroid Ca–Cervix Cancer, Tele therapy.
  9. Who discovered X-R

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