Crack Anaesthesia: High Yield Topics for FMGE

  1. Pin index and Color coding, Induction, Analgesia, CPR, Local Anaesthesia, Types of Anaesthetic Agents
  2. ETI, Indication, Side-effect, Contraindication of Intubation.
  3. Epidural & Spinal Anaesthesia: Process & Difference
  4. Lumbar Puncture: Indication( Absolute & Relative), Contraindication, Side-effect, Site
    5.Pain fibres, Pain-relieving Procedures
  5. Choice of Anaesthetic Agent for:
    Day-care Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, C.Section in healthy woman etc.
  6. Side-effects of different Anaesthetic Agents: Cardiotoxic, Nephrotoxic, Headache etc.


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