Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Make-up


Semi-permanent make-up procedures are lately becoming trending alternatives to make-up woos. Designed to address the specific areas of the face, these helps in saying goodbye to the morning routines and efforts of perfection every day. One can get their lashes, eyebrows and cheeks touched up to give them a look of applied make-up. These procedures attend to accentuate the shape, colour and virtual appearance of the person which is more lasting and defined.

All these proceedings follow a same method of injecting particularly designed pigments/inks into the first layer of the skin using microneedles. As the shade and texture of face skin is different among people, these pigments are highly customized to suit the individuals aesthetically and personally. These procedures at Musk Clinic, the best clinic of Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad have qualified artists and technicians who, perform with superior equipment that ensures in preventing any infection and causes less disturbance to the skin, delivering refined and natural-looking outcomes.

To wake up with that balanced eyeliner every morning, there are procedures like permanent eyeliner to get the killer look that stays. The process on lips, face and cheeks following a technique of pixelization springs the shades of the features, highlighting the cheekbones with chiselled countenance.  Blush and alternates to foundation are also available. Microblading or microfeathering techniques for eyebrows delivers aesthetic look resembling the natural hair. These procedures also serve in forms of various micropigmentations for any natural or medical conditions.

These fashion techniques not only appeal to one inapt with brushes and blushes but also to those with allergies or reactions to certain ingredients used in make-ups. Although being termed as permanent or semi-permanent, the pigments used in the process gradually fades over the period of 1 to 3 years as the external skin layer erodes, it also leaves with an opportunity to tweak the appearance according to the latest trends.

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