Parenting: Some Quick Tips


Parenting is the process of raising a child in terms of physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of the child from infancy to childhood. It may vary from parents to parents based on their own mentality, thinking, culture, education, jobs, etc.

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Early days…

The early years are vital for biological development. Correctly vaccinations should be done. Being low immuned, children of this age may be prone to several diseases and frequently common cold. Good nutrition, proper protection from environment (clothes, socks, shoes), hygiene (cleaning, washing clothes, bathing), proper amount of sleep, if applicable, medicines at right time. These are the important things in this age group, specially early years.

Early training

teaching the child with your mother tongue. Letting them play with what you want them to learn, like the letters. You should not keep strict discipline on what they do. Give them the space to think what to do or what not to do. Otherwise, there will be lack of development of qualities like leadership, creativity, imagination, etc. Remember, this age group is the semi melted iron stage. This is the time, a child can be mould accordingly. Afterwards, they will start taking shape and it will out of your control to shape things. You should introduce the world to them. But give them some space to understand in their way. If possible, buy your baby some educational toys. These will enhance their mental development. The behaviour of the parents may affects the behaviour of the children and may shape the personality in the future. Although, the surroundings in terms of society, language, culture, race, facilities, economy, education, everything have one or more effects on the development of the personality.

Coming Years…

When the child reaches his or her puberty, the personality development takes new shapes. They have new jobs to do. As parents, you should give enough independence to them and at the same time, should monitor their moves overall. Keeping an eye is the most important thing the parents should opt after 16 years of age of their children.
Do not pressurise in every field. Give them the space to understand and perceive what they wants and what is the need. Pressurizing can results in several negative outcomes. Do remember, the child will adopt what he or she is capable of. During these years of adolescence, over eating can start. This should specially taken care of. Drinking alcohol and smoking should be monitored. If found, you should make them understand first and if required, a little bit of headvy management is required as it is a matter of health. If things go out of control, you may take him or her to psychiatrist. There are good management techniques how to leave smoking and alcohol. But, expert opinion is must.

Withdraw yourself

Obesity should be monitored heavily. If obesity cannot be controlled, there will be many health problems afterwards.
During teenage years, there huge decisions to make. Remember, this is very delicate time, you should provide information to your children on the decision but let them feel for the ultimate decision to take. Sometimes, they make mistakes or cannot decide. At that very time, you should present the advantages and disadvantages of a particular decision to them.

During the teenage years of your child, you should intervene much and in every thing. They should start taking decision, even this is a part of their training. When the college education will start, let them be an adult. Try to withdraw yourself slowly.

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